Thursday, August 12, 2010


The real Colborn family
the Marysville youth

Some of the Handcarts.

Kenzie pushing the handcart.

our daughters Jonelle Johnson, Nicole Seamons, Jessica Wadman and Isabella Zarges.
Isabella Zarges, David Adrian, Dallin Knudson, Nicole Seamons

We had the great opportunity to go on a pioneer trek with our stake this summer. Ken and I had the opportunity to go as a ma and pa for a group of youth. Kenzie was put with a different family. This really was a great opportunity. While it was definitely difficult it was so worth it.
We started out by going to tragedy springs and seeing the grave site of the three murdered Mormon Battalion members. We then went and got separated into families. This then started the adventure of the trek. This really helped me get a better understanding of what the pioneers went through and especially my relatives that I had in the handcart journey's.
We had a young group so Ken and I did a lot of pushing and pulling and helping the kids do it. When they pulled all the men and boys away it was hard work for the girls but I was impressed with how well they all did. They all helped each other and encouraged each other. It was a great relief to have the boys back however. We definitely needed everyone to move that handcart.
I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and I must say that if asked I would do it again.

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