Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bridgeport - the final hurrah before scool starts

All the kids from our group minus Jillian

Cali Jumping off the rock
Jillian eating a cheeto
Jonathon landing in the water after jumping off the rock
Sammy and Jimmy Keith
Look out below here comes McKenzie
Joshua Keith Jumping

Kenzie's first jump

So yesterday Laura Keith invited us to go Bridgeport. I had never been there and actually had the availability to go so we went.It was a lot of fun the kids loved playing in water and the sand. I even got in the water. I freaked out a little seeing Cali jump at first because she didn't jump out far enough and she went towards the shallow end but she was fine. After her first time of going after lots of coaxing from Kenzie and Joshua she went and loved it so she was going over and over again just like Kenzie and Joshua. The kids or at least my kids didn't want to leave and are already begging to go back. So next time we go we will have to take Ken who also hasn't been up there.
The only bad part was me stepping on a wasp i think or bee of some sort. Oh My stars did that ever hurt and my foot is still hurting from it. Laura pulled out a big ol' stinger from foot. Thank goodness she got it out but man it hurt. I like the kids can't wait to go back.

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Laura Keith said...

That was fun! We need to do it again! Your poor foot...