Friday, May 21, 2010

My Graduation

I did it!!!! Well the first part of the road is completed anyway. Tonight I graduated with an A.S. in general studies. I am so happy to have finally completed this. It certainly took me long enough. The best part of tonight was not the graduation ceremony. That dragged on and On. The choir was not that good at all. No the best part was when I came across my algebra teacher and he told me I actually passed the class. Woohoo!!! I have been so stressed about this and if I didn't pass the class this graduation would be null and void and I would have to try it again. Needless to say when he told me this i couldn't help but give him a hug. It totally felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.
Another great part of this night was in the fact my sister, Christie came up with her little ones Zoey and Owen for the graduation. It was great to be able to see her again. It has been way to long since we have seen each other.
So now what? Well I am taking a break again. Since i am homeschooling two of my 4 children I need to concentrate on them. I do plan to eventually go back and get some sort of a specific degree but right now it is just going to have to wait.

Friday, May 14, 2010

GAme Night

Ken and Landon playing guitar hero.
Landon, Jesse and Ken playing Jenga

May 14th was a fun night. We invited some friends over to have some adult time. It was a lot of fun to have the Patino's and the Hodnett's over to play some games and just to socialize and get to know each other better.
While the guys were playing these games Sarah, Natasha and I talked and started to play a food trivia game. It was a hard game but it was fun.
I am definitely going to have to plan to do something like this again.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cali's 8th birthday

Cali turned 8 on may 11th. Wow I can't believe it. Time flys so fast. We just did a simple family party. We had nachos for dinner at her request and an ice cream cake that I made. It was chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate frosting. I am starting to ger a little better at making those ice cream cakes and they are really yummy. She also was able to open a few presents.
All in all it has been a good day.
Happy birthday to my sweet Cali.

The hamburger farm

Mrs. Anderson's second grade class
Kelly and Cali
Madison H., Cali and Kelly

Me and Cali
Cali grinding wheat

I was lucky enough to spend pretty much the entire day of Cali's birthday with Cali. It was a great day. Her class went on a field trip to the hamburger farm. It was a fun day. We got to learn about all the plants and everything else that goes on a hamburger. No they didn't talk about killing the cows but they did say how many burgers can come from each cow. She was able to milk a cow and grind grain. She was able to to pan for marbles and feed the goats. She had a lot of fun.

I am really glad I got to go on this field trip with her.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mormon helping hands

The kids found a lizard while cleaning.
Hannah Carr and Victoria Patino Hard at work.
Ken, Bishop Keith and Dave Carr clearing logs and other debris
Jenny and Eliza Carr
Sammy Clearing sticks.

Kenzie, Nelson and Eliza clearing rocks

On May 8th we had the opportunity to gather together with other members in our stake for the Mormon Helping hands project. This was a great opportunity to provide community service. And all ages could get in there and help ( well technically they told us 8 and older but Sammy was able to help move sticks with the best of us.) What we were doing this morning was clearing an area to make a community garden. There was a lot done that day. And while it wasn't always easy and some of the stuff that was required to be picked up was nastier then nasty it was still a great experience and I am glad that my family and I were able t take part in it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sammy's Broken Arm

The night he fractured his wrist.
Three days later when he finally got his real cast.

Yup this is how we started our month of May. On May 2nd Sammy went to follow Ken out to the backyard to the bbq. They went to go down a step Sammy has gone down hundreds of times without thinking twice about but on this night he decided to miss it. He bruised his knee pretty good and he fractured his wrist.
So why did it take 3 days to get his real cast? Well because when we went to urgent care the stupid doctor told me that someone from orthepedics would call me to set up an appointment to have him come in and get it. Well when tuesday had come and still know one had called and I caught my resourceful 5 yr old trying to cut off the splint I called the doctor. I was then told that I should have been able to take him in when ever. RGGG :( Needless to say I was just slightly( I say sarcastically) irritated. But because the office was closed I had to wait one more night. I was able to get him in first thing.
So now he has a cast for the next three weeks. Thanks goodness it isn't a bad fracture. In fact we were told that if he had to get one this was the one to get. We got to see the x-rays and barely saw anything.
Hopefully this isn't a sign for the rest of the month.

nelson's Pine wood derby

April was a busy month here. The pine wood derby was just one more thing we got to go do this month.
Nelson had a blast working with Ken on his car. It looks really cool. His car came in 3rd in the race he was in however the most important thing even more then him winning anything, which he didn't, is he had fun. And this was the first year he didn't cry about not winning. . That in itself makes this a great turning point In Nelson's life. I am so proud of him.

The Art Show

Ok so both kids entered something into the art show. Kenzie entered a watercolor she made and Nelson entered one of his rainbow pictures.They both got ribbons of participation for the show. And believe it or not they really did enjoy doing it and being able to participate in it. It was very interesting to go to the show that night and see all the art work from all the different grade levels. They even had an orchestra from the school playing that night. Kenzie was a little envious because she would love to learn to play the violin. Tonight had both of them looking forward to next year.
After the art show we went to Baskin Robbins for their $.31 scoop night. Of course everyone enjoyed that..

McKenzie's first temple trip

Marysville Youth
The puffed up Temple turkeys. The females were totally ignoring them. I thought it was kind of funny.
In her exploration of the temple grounds Kenzie found a family of geese.

Beautiful view of the angel Moroni.
The temple Gardens.
I love this picture Kenzie took of the compass on the entryway before you go into the temple.

On April 17th Kenzie was able to go to the temple to do baptisms for the first time. She was so excited to be able to have this opportunity. I was excited as well to be able to be there with her this day. As was Ken.That day was absolutely gorgeous.
After the baptism session Ken, Kenzie my friend Jenny and I went to lunch. we then walked around the outlet mall for a while . Let me just say by time we got back to the temple for a session I had never been so looking forward to getting into my slippers. The shoes I had On were not appropriate for all that walking.
While Ken, Jenny and I went back in the temple Kenzie walked around the grounds and took some pictures. She said she almost fell asleep on one of the benches outside because it was so peaceful there. That I think is a fabulous description for both inside and outside the temple. It is very peaceful and it is a wonderful place to sit and think.
I truly love to be at the temple. And i am so glad I got to share a small piece of that jpy with my daughter this day.

I Like to Look for rainbows

I just wanted to share some pictures Nelson took. He has quite the talent with a camera One of them was actually entered into an art show with his school. All these pictures were taken right outside my house. And believe it or not they are all just different angles of the same rainbow. I love that in our backyard it was dark and dreary but when we went out front and looked across the street we were able to see blue skies and the rainbow.
We have seen a ton of rainbows this year it has been incredible. They bring such a joy to anyone who sees them.