Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mormon helping hands

The kids found a lizard while cleaning.
Hannah Carr and Victoria Patino Hard at work.
Ken, Bishop Keith and Dave Carr clearing logs and other debris
Jenny and Eliza Carr
Sammy Clearing sticks.

Kenzie, Nelson and Eliza clearing rocks

On May 8th we had the opportunity to gather together with other members in our stake for the Mormon Helping hands project. This was a great opportunity to provide community service. And all ages could get in there and help ( well technically they told us 8 and older but Sammy was able to help move sticks with the best of us.) What we were doing this morning was clearing an area to make a community garden. There was a lot done that day. And while it wasn't always easy and some of the stuff that was required to be picked up was nastier then nasty it was still a great experience and I am glad that my family and I were able t take part in it.

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