Monday, July 6, 2009

My Greatest treasures

13 years ago today Ken and I were married in the Oakland temple. These 13 years have been the greatest in my life and have brought with them the most wonderful treasures I could possibly hope for. I can't wait to see what the next 13 hold in store for us. Happy Anniversary Ken. I love you.

4th of July

So the 4th of July was for the most part great fun. We went to Keith's house for a bbq potluck and fireworks. Great food and great friends what a fantastic way to end this day. It was so much fun watching the fireworks everyone brought. The kids had a blast doing sparklers. Thanks to the Keith family for inviting us to this fun night.

Video games

Ok I just thought this was funny. Of all the games my kids can play on the wii they really love the games I loved as a kid.While the do enjoy playing the games with the better graphics and everything they more often times then not choose games such as Mario brothers, duck hunt , donkey Kong and other such games. I love it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

swim lessons

This week three out of my four munchkins started swimming lessons. The boys were nervous about this but Cali was all for it on day one but by the end of the week things had changed at least for the boys. Nelson at the end of the first day as we were leaving said "mommy I think they are planning on making me learn to swim." he said this with a pout on his face. Of course I thought this was funny. And i of course agreed with him. Through out the rest of the week the boys got a little bit more comfortable in the water, hopefully it stays that way for next week as well. Cali on the second day of swim lessons her instructor split the class in two. Two kids one of whom was Cali went with a different instructor. I wasn't quite sure why they did this but as I watched the two groups i got the impression it was because Cali and the other little boy were a lot more comfortable in the water and had the floating on their backs down. Anyway for the rest of the week they have spent a majority of their time swimming in the deep end. She has been teaching them different strokes and while they are far from perfect they are doing really well and I am impressed. I am really impressed with the boys as well because they are finally figuring out that learning to swim is not a bad thing.

This has been a great week and I look forward to seeing how next week plays out for them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A day of birthday parties.

Sammy in Sister Johnson's pool for RJ's 4th birthday party.
Taking A swing at the pinata
The dread pirate Sammy. :)
Sammy wearing his pirate beads and figerpainting at ethan and Alyssa's birthday party.
Taking a swing at his second pinata of the day.
Enjoying the swings.

On Saturday June 27,2009 Sammy had the pleasure of going not to one but two birthday parties. He had so much fun at both parties. He loved getting in the pool for RJ's party and dressing up in pirate garb. He is such a cute pirate.
At Ethan's and Alyssa's he enjyed the finger painting with colored yogurt. He was a little wary at first of putting his hands it at first but then lightend up and had a blast.He also ended up in the water at party number 2 as well. Everybody ended up running through the sprinkers to get the yogurt off of them. I really wished Sam had stayed in his swimsuit but oh well. The important thing is he had fun. He also really enjoyed swing at pinata at both birthdays