Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look what Kenzie Made

Kenzie last week had the opportunity to go to her grandmas to work on a quilt. Grandma Colborn was teaching her how to quilt. She actually started this a couple of months ago and got the material picked out and cut. She even got a little bit sewn together. She was very excited to go and learn how to finish this project.
In my personal opinion i think she did a fantastic job.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blue and Gold Dinner

Nelson Pinning the mother's bear pin on me.

Nelson receiving his bear award. Woohoo! Good Job Nelson.

Tonight was the scout Blue and Gold Dinner. The boy scouts are celebrating 100 years. And in honor of that they requested that the boys and a parent make and decorate a cake. So here is the cake that Ken and Nelson made. They came up with the idea of making it in the shape of a boy scout hat. And In my opinion they did a fabulous job. Yes the whole thing may be eaten. Nelson was very excited to win the best scout themed cake award.
Along with the cake this was a big night for Nelson because he received his bear award along with all the achievement beads that go with it. In earning his award I also received one as well. In boy scouts The mother gets honored as well for helping her son to get to where he is. And the scout gets to pin the award on his mother. So I walked away with a pin of my own as well.He has worked really hard to earn this award. I am so proud of him.

The Scout Cake

On Friday night Ken and Nelson stayed up until way past Nelson's bed time to make this cake for the boy scout blue and gold dinner. Nelson was so excited to be able to this with cake with his daddy.
As it can be seen it looks like a cub scout Bear hat. Nelson's actual hat was used as a model.
Three layers of chocolate cake and lots of frosting later. They had quite the little masterpiece.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There are so many things I love about spring. The flowers and weather are just two examples.

However there is a part of spring that stresses me out some what. Yup it's girl scout cookie time.
While I enjoy the cookies themselves and I don't even mind helping my girls figure out who to sell them to. Its the keeping track of how many cookies have been sold and being responsible for all the money that goes with them that isn't always so much fun. Not to mention the time that goes along with it. For the next month I will be booked pretty much every weekend which of course is a bummer in trying to plan anything else.

However I must really love my girls or must enjoy the punishment because I keep doing it every year. And it really is a good fundraiser for my troop. So here is what sits in my garage again this year. So time to put on a smile and get out there and get some cookies sold.
Let This year's cookie fun begin

I must be doing something right!!

I had to share one of my favorite valentine's I received this year. It is from McKenzie. She obviously made it but what she said made me so happy. I must be doing something right or better yet Ken and I must be doing something right to get this kind of praise from our 12 year old.

Here is what she said, " Happy Valentine's Day! I Love U guys UR the best parents in the world. love Mckenzie."