Wednesday, February 17, 2010


There are so many things I love about spring. The flowers and weather are just two examples.

However there is a part of spring that stresses me out some what. Yup it's girl scout cookie time.
While I enjoy the cookies themselves and I don't even mind helping my girls figure out who to sell them to. Its the keeping track of how many cookies have been sold and being responsible for all the money that goes with them that isn't always so much fun. Not to mention the time that goes along with it. For the next month I will be booked pretty much every weekend which of course is a bummer in trying to plan anything else.

However I must really love my girls or must enjoy the punishment because I keep doing it every year. And it really is a good fundraiser for my troop. So here is what sits in my garage again this year. So time to put on a smile and get out there and get some cookies sold.
Let This year's cookie fun begin

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JillandMauricio said...

I wish that was all in my garage-haha!! Not to sell, but to eat.