Sunday, December 28, 2008

My girls fish

All my kids have been begging for a long time now to get a fish tank, fish included, in each of their own rooms. Mine and Ken's rule for the past year has been they have to keep their room clean for a month for this to happen. Well they have all made several starts and then they miss a day and it starts all over again back to day one. McKenzie and Cali have finally decided that they really want the fish and the countdown began again just over a month ago. Were Ken and I ever surprised that they actually made it through a month with a clean room. So we had to follow through with our part of the bargan. A day or two after Christmas we went to the pet store and bought 9 goldfish knowing that some would die. Of Course we didn't know that within 2 days 4 of the nine would die off so now we are down to five but that is ok. The Girls are extremely excited and the boys are jealous, we are hoping this will get them in the habit of cleaning their room as well.

Christmas presents

So this Christmas was filled with fun and happiness for all. The kids loved waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought and open their presents. They all were very happy with what they got. My best gift I received this year was that of my family. I always enjoy being with my sisters and my parents. I think one of my parents best gifts was also to be with all of us again especially their eight grandchildren.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Traditions

This Holiday season has been extremely busy yet at the same time extremely enjoyable. After my class was done we were able to participate in some of my favorite things to do around this time of year.

1) We got to spend time with both families. I consider it a tremendous blessing that I have two families that I care dearly for. We spent the weekend before Christmas with the Colborn side of the family.

The rest the week we were able to spend with my family. This was a great treat for all, considering that this is the first time in a little over a year that my parents and all my sisters and I have been together. There are eight grandkids to my parents between the ages of 6 mos and 11yrs. Needless to say it was a bit hectic but it was great. We truely did have a lot of fun together.
2) Baking. I grew up in a house where we went somewhat hog wild baking at the holidays and have since grown to love doing it myself. However my schooling the past two years has messed up my baking schedule so I was all the more happy that everyone was gathered together this year because I got to do some baking with them again this year. Of course the kids also enjoyed this long time tradition.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Monkey Children

So my children keep me constantly on my toes. They very literally drive me crazy by bouncing off the walls and anything else they can climb up. However I wouldn't change them or change being their mother for anything.

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