Monday, April 21, 2014

Recap of 2013 and Hello to 2014

So much happened in 2013 and obviously this being 2014 now there is a still a lot going on. SO here is a quick recap and hello.

I Was able to be with Sammy at  his first Twilight Camp the whole week.

We shocked everyone in our wonderful Marysville Family with 3 weeks notice of us moving. Leaving all our wonderful friends was one the hardest things we have had to do in a very long time. And we miss everyone dearly. However we knew this was the right thing to do for our family. Ken Left 3 weeks before the kids and I and that was extremely hard on all of us.
The Kids and I stayed with my fabulous in-laws for 2 weeks. I took the kids to LIve Oak to watch the fireworks on 4th of July. It was a great show. The bummer thing was Kenzie left her purse with her inhaler and her brand new glasses. I wasn't too happy about that but unfortunately not much to do about it. We never saw it again. :(
Brandi, McKenzie, Alyssa(BFFs)

Daniel Knudson, Sammy(BFFs)

Cali, Macie Knudsen(BFFs)

Cali, Nelson, Macie
We took one final trip to Bridgeport Before leaving California. We had a blast spending the day with close friends.
Kids and cousins went on a bear hunt in Lake Tahoe.

My kids loved meeting new cousins and hanging out with old ones.

We went to Angora Lake up at Tahoe. I was extremely impressed I made it. The very high drive on the very narrow road does not sit well with My huge fear of heights. Needless to say I didn't drive there was no way I could have I was in panic mode. That being said I am glad I was able to go and spend that day with my kids and my sisters. And Kenzie enjoyed Cliff Jumping.

We said tearful goodbyes to my family. We more than likely will not be seeing them for 2-3 years.

I braved the very long drive from Tahoe to Seattle, WA with four kids all by myself. We were all very  tired but very happy to see Ken again.

Sammy was our first birthday in Washington. He turned 9. Kenzie missed this birthday because she was at youth conference.

Nelson And Kenzie did a service project with the ward youth a week after we moved here. And Nelson had a blast going with the scouts to Canada for a 50mile kayaking/hiking trip.

Ken and Kenzie went with the young women on  a 12 mile Temple walk to the Seattle Temple.

First Day of School. Kenzie started at Chief Sealth H.S., Cali and Nelson Started at Denny international middle school and Sammy at Roxhill elementary. Nelson got an extra day because the first day was just for the 6th graders.

Kenzie got to attend her very first concert and had the great opportunity  to perform in it as well. Her school choir got to sing "Ain't it fun" with Paramore. And I had the opportunity to go and watch. It was a fun concert especially when the main act came on.
Halloween. Masquerade party goer,Peter pan, Batman, and Peeta .

Kenzie turned 16 November 2, 2013. She had a nerf war for her party.

McKenzie, Cali and I enjoyed watching the Nutcracker.

Our First of two snow days. The kids got to go school 2hours late. and then had a 2 hr release which means they were there all of 2.5 hours.

Christmas  we Had Brandi with us for three weeks. It was  so much fun.

In January 2014 Nelson got to go on a weekend backpacking trip with his scouts. And again he had fun

In Feb. Ken and I got to see Piano Guys and Spamalot. It was so much fun.

Nelson turned 14 on 3/10/14.  He is now a teacher in the priesthood and has been to a couple dances.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Day of school

Paragon Collegiate  Academy Started August 11, 2012

My Handsome sons

The Boys enjoyed their first Day of school. And They are still enjoying it. They Both have good teachers that I am totally happy with. Sammy is in 3rd grade and Nelson is 7th.

MHS and Kynoch Start on August 20, 2012

My gorgeous daughters

Ken Photo bombing  Cali's  first day picture. :)

The girls enjoyed their first day as well. And Like the boys they are still enjoying it.
Cali is in 5th grade and McKenzie is a sophomore.
Wow time goes by so fast!

Sammy turns 8 and gets baptized

Sammy turns 8 August 2,2012
Holy cow my baby turned 8 this summer. Really how did that happen? Well needless to say he was one very excited boy as you can see from the picture. He got a big blue bean bag chair and scriptures. Since his friend Daniel got baptized he wanted scriptures just like him. He didn't want a quad.

So he got a really nice set of blue scriptures with his name on them.

Sammy gets baptized on August 4, 2012

Sammy getting ready.

Ken and Sammy before the baptism.

Sammy and all the other children getting baptized at the same time.

Sammy and Lily before the baptism.

Cali, Zoey, Owen

Nelson and owen

Cali and Lily

Owen and the cricket he found.

Us after the baptism.

All our family who shared this great day with us.

My Aunt Chris and My Sister Christie

I am so proud of Sammy for taking this first step towards our Heavenly Father. He is such a wonderful addition to this family and I am so thankful for him.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day special for him. It was wonderful to be able to see everyone again. And Those who couldn't make it we know you were there in spirit.