Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sammy carving his pumpkin
His finished one eyed alien
Nelson carving
His scarred alien
Cali carving
Her and her princess pumpkin
Ken hard at work
His space invader
you can tell she is really concentrating by where her tonge is
Her howling wolf

Sammy as spiderman
Nelson as the leader of the storm troopers (rex)
Cali as the beautiful bride
Kenzie as the scary ghost

Today was a fantastic day. I always love being able to spend time with my family. And the days when we have fun together make our days together all the better.

Everyone had fun carving their pumpkins today and putting their ideas into action. This evening everyone had fun dressing up and doing some trick or treating. Even Ken and I dressed up. Ken wore the cape i made for him a year or two ago and went as a jedi again this year and I went as a pink lady. This has been a very fun Halloween.

Kenzie's birthday party

Vampire cupcakes

The present she was most excited about this night. She Loves hot tamales!
Eliza,Sam, Mckenzie before the movie.
McKenzie, Sam and Eliza after the movie.

McKenzie is turning 12 on November 2. Wow I can't believe it. So she had invited a few friends over for what was originally supposed to be a Halloween party but when only 2 girls could come we switched to a movie night.

Sam came first. I had the opportunity to meet her mom. The two girls have been wanting us to meet for a while. Apparently she has the same attitude i have in wanting to meet the friends parents before turning our kids over to them. Which is fine with me. The world needs more parents who take an active roll in thier kids lives. Anyway I guess I passed the normal read, Sam was able to stay and enjoy the party.

The girls came and we had pizza then had the vampire cupcakes and ice cream. Afterwards Kenzie opened her presents. She got a scrapbooking kit, a game of clue, a couple of dresses (which she desperately needed), a i tunes card and her favorite gift of the night was the huge bag of Hot tamales. That girl adores her hot tamales. It is really funny how much she loves them actually. I had one of the young women say once that for secret sisters for girls camp she will be easy and she will be, get her hot tamales and she is a happy camper.

I then took the three giggling girls to go see Cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3-D. They had a great time. That is a fun movie. I really enjoyed it along with the girls. Kenzie said she had a great time even if we didn't get the whole Halloween thing going. And I am glad about that.

MArysville ward trunk or treat Halloween party

Ken as the Charlie Brown ghost
Cali on the Hayride
Nelson On the hayride
My prize winner Mckenzie
Me, Jenny and Tammy as the Pink Ladies.

On the 24th was our wards Halloween party. Everyone had a lot of fun. Kenzie went as a ghost. Cali went a bride. Nelson went as the storm trooper leader, Rex and Sammy was Spiderman. Ken went as the Charlie brown ghost and I was a Pink Lady. Mckenzie won the most unreconizable award in the costume contest.

The party had many fun activities that consisted of a bounce house for the kids, the annual chili cook off, a spook alley put on by the young men , doughnet eating contest, a hayride and face painting done by the young women. Of course there was a trunk or treat done as well at the end of the evening which of course all the kids enjoyed.

During the trunk or treat we had a permanite addition to our decorations for a while. We have a decoration that opens and screams as a zombies pops up. The little girl I am not even sure who she is could not get enough this item. She kept pushing the button over and over and screaming along with it. It was really funny and I really wish i would have had a video camera to capture it on film.

All in all a great time was had by all.

School board meeting

Cali's class waiting to sing.
Cali and her friend Madison H. With nelson in the background.
Cali and Nelson after the song.

The kids singing 40 hour week.

I absolutely love Cali's second grade teacher. her name is Mrs. Anderson. She was also Nelson's second grade teacher. She is wonderful with the kids. But one of the biggest things I love about her besides her doing a wonderful teaching job is she incorporates music into almost everything they do. Every morning the say the plegde of alligence then sing some sort of song ( usually some sort of patriotic thing). I also love that especially now when you see so many songs about obama that she isn't teaching those songs. She keeps her political opinion to herself and teaches them good songs.

Anyway this was there latest performance. They went and performed at the Marysville school board meeting on October 13th. She was missing some of her class that night so she recruited some alumni from her class to come and join them. Yes Nelson was among the 3-4 she recruited. The funny thing about the video is apparently i was singing along and didn't realize it till i watched the video. Oops!!! Thank goodness the kids still can be heard more.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Cali watching the puppets .

Cali reading The three Billy goats gruff.
Cali talking with one of the residents

Fifty Nifty song. Sorry my hands were a bit shaky. But even with the shaky hands this was the better of the 2 times the song was song.

On Friday October 2nd Cali's second grade class walked over to prestige across the street from the school. Prestige is a retirement home. The class performed 2 plays. They performed The Brave little Taylor and did a puppet show of the three billy goats gruff. They also sang Fifty Nifty. It was so cute the residents asked the class to sing the song again so they did.Each of the kids also brought a book and was able to read to the residents of prestige as well. All had a wonderful time and I had a wonderful time being able to go with them and watch. They will be going again every month. I can't wait to see what they perform next month.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Youth temple trip

One of the greatest things about being in the young women's presidency is having the great opportunity to go to the temple with these fantastic young men and young women. Last night was the third time i had this great opportunity and I look forward to being able to go again with them. I truly love being able to work with the youth. And getting to know each of them. It is an awesome experience to watch their testimonies of the gospel growing all the time. It is amazing to me that these youth have such a desire to serve the Lord. It is truly impossible to not feel the spirit of our Heavenly Father no matter what you may be doing in the temple especially when see these youth here. I know Heavenly Father is very pleased with all them decideing to be there on this night.
Kenzie was sad because she missed this trip by a month and two days. Even that warms my heart knowing she has the desire to go and do this work. I look forward to being able to go with her as well when she has the great opportunity to go in the temple for the first time since the open house.

Fun in Sacramento

The Kids getting bookmarks with their names in braille.

On Saturday Sept. 26 Fairytale Town on Sacramento had a free admissions day. Not a Family to pass a free fun activity we had to go. The kids had a lot of fun as did I. While watched them play on all the things and run up and down the crooked mile I was flooded with my own childhood memories. I Loved going to Fairytale town as a child. MY mom would take me and my sister(s) and my aunt would take my cousin. It was great way for us to enjoy each others company. It is amazing how things turn full circle in life.

After fairytale town we went across the street the Zoo. Unfortunately that wasn't free but it was still very fun. The Kids loved to see all the animals.
We had a great day. There is nothing better then being able to spend time with my family. It really gives me a glimpse into eternity when we have a great day like today.