Thursday, October 1, 2009

Youth temple trip

One of the greatest things about being in the young women's presidency is having the great opportunity to go to the temple with these fantastic young men and young women. Last night was the third time i had this great opportunity and I look forward to being able to go again with them. I truly love being able to work with the youth. And getting to know each of them. It is an awesome experience to watch their testimonies of the gospel growing all the time. It is amazing to me that these youth have such a desire to serve the Lord. It is truly impossible to not feel the spirit of our Heavenly Father no matter what you may be doing in the temple especially when see these youth here. I know Heavenly Father is very pleased with all them decideing to be there on this night.
Kenzie was sad because she missed this trip by a month and two days. Even that warms my heart knowing she has the desire to go and do this work. I look forward to being able to go with her as well when she has the great opportunity to go in the temple for the first time since the open house.


Rachel & Todd said...

I love your blog! Im going on our next youth trip myself. We are baptizing about 60 members of my family so its going to be extra special for me. I added your blog to my list of friends, I hope you dont mind. :)

JillandMauricio said...

Wow you have a lot of youth in your ward-that is awesome.