Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fun in Sacramento

The Kids getting bookmarks with their names in braille.

On Saturday Sept. 26 Fairytale Town on Sacramento had a free admissions day. Not a Family to pass a free fun activity we had to go. The kids had a lot of fun as did I. While watched them play on all the things and run up and down the crooked mile I was flooded with my own childhood memories. I Loved going to Fairytale town as a child. MY mom would take me and my sister(s) and my aunt would take my cousin. It was great way for us to enjoy each others company. It is amazing how things turn full circle in life.

After fairytale town we went across the street the Zoo. Unfortunately that wasn't free but it was still very fun. The Kids loved to see all the animals.
We had a great day. There is nothing better then being able to spend time with my family. It really gives me a glimpse into eternity when we have a great day like today.

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