Saturday, October 31, 2009

School board meeting

Cali's class waiting to sing.
Cali and her friend Madison H. With nelson in the background.
Cali and Nelson after the song.

The kids singing 40 hour week.

I absolutely love Cali's second grade teacher. her name is Mrs. Anderson. She was also Nelson's second grade teacher. She is wonderful with the kids. But one of the biggest things I love about her besides her doing a wonderful teaching job is she incorporates music into almost everything they do. Every morning the say the plegde of alligence then sing some sort of song ( usually some sort of patriotic thing). I also love that especially now when you see so many songs about obama that she isn't teaching those songs. She keeps her political opinion to herself and teaches them good songs.

Anyway this was there latest performance. They went and performed at the Marysville school board meeting on October 13th. She was missing some of her class that night so she recruited some alumni from her class to come and join them. Yes Nelson was among the 3-4 she recruited. The funny thing about the video is apparently i was singing along and didn't realize it till i watched the video. Oops!!! Thank goodness the kids still can be heard more.

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