Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Cali watching the puppets .

Cali reading The three Billy goats gruff.
Cali talking with one of the residents

Fifty Nifty song. Sorry my hands were a bit shaky. But even with the shaky hands this was the better of the 2 times the song was song.

On Friday October 2nd Cali's second grade class walked over to prestige across the street from the school. Prestige is a retirement home. The class performed 2 plays. They performed The Brave little Taylor and did a puppet show of the three billy goats gruff. They also sang Fifty Nifty. It was so cute the residents asked the class to sing the song again so they did.Each of the kids also brought a book and was able to read to the residents of prestige as well. All had a wonderful time and I had a wonderful time being able to go with them and watch. They will be going again every month. I can't wait to see what they perform next month.

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