Monday, August 13, 2012

Nelson turns 12 and Cali Turns 10

Ok so there are no pictures for this because my phone that had all the pictures totally and completely died before I could get them off of it. Needless to say I cried when I realized this.
Back In March Nelson turned 12. That is a big birthday for him. He was totally excited for it. On his actual birthday we went to John's incredible Pizza for some fun.
The Day After his birthday was the day he was ordained a deacon in Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day saints. It was a wonderful day. The Spirit that was felt that day was strong. I am so proud of Nelson. I Love you Nelson.

Now Cali In May turned 10 and Unfortunately i think her pictures suffered the same fate as Nelson's. Boo. I am feeling pretty awful about that. She had a nice birthday. it wasn't as big as Nelson's but still she enjoyed it.

I can't believe how fast they are getting so big. It is so fun watching them grow.