Monday, August 30, 2010

How I got my name.

Ok So almost every time I meet someone new I get some comment about my name. Some of these comments include wow that's a different name, or wow that is Pretty name. Then come the questions such as where did the name come from? Is it a family name? Am I of that decent? What does it mean and the biggest one after all other questions have been answered is where did my parents come up with my name?
Ok So here is the answer to the questions.
1) Where does the name come from? It is old Norse or Scandinavian
2) Is it a family name? Nope not in the Slightest
3)Am I of That decent? Absolutely !However that is not why I ended up This name.
4) What does it mean? Freyja (Freya) Is the Norse goddess of Love and beauty and depending on what baby book you look in fertility can be added to that.
5) Where did my parents get the name? I would like to say they found it in baby name book or it was a family name but instead I tell everyone who asks they got it off an old Disney movie called Island On Top Of the World. I always laugh a little when I think of this just because I think it is an odd way to come up with a name but that is ok. Do I own the movie absolutely. It is my namesake i need to have it in my collection. :)

Now I must say I am rather partial to my name. I love it's originality and am very glad it is the name I ended up with. I could have been either Aubry or Tiffany Sunshine and being called Sunny. Thankfully I am not called Sunny. I grew up laughing at people stumbling over my name and really I still laugh about it. And I am shocked when people who have never met me before can look at my name and pronounce it right off. These people obviously know another Freyja or their Norse Mythology. I ususally don't tell to many people about the whole goddess thing because then I end up with remarks Like I did up at trek "Hey its the goddess" This of course left my husband looking at me with a huge question in his eyes. He of course knows the orgin of my name but I had to explain that I had explained it to someone else at girls camp.

Anyway I hope this answers any questions. SO here is mine to everyone. Is there some special story behind your how you got your name?

Monday, August 16, 2010

1st day of school

Kenzie didn't want to get up. So she went and laid down on the kitchen floor.
Nelson Had some serious bed head going on.
Idk what Sammy's prob. was he was actually super excited about going to school.
The whole group of them.
Now Sammy is happy.
Happy Cali
Nelson and Kenzie happy because they have another week before they start.
Sammy and Mr.Ordway
Cali and Sammy on the Monkey bars.
Sammy on the swinging monkey bars.

Wow I can't believe summer is over and school is back in again. This summer was such a flurry of activity we barely had time to catch our breaths before we were getting ready for school. The Kids have really been looking forward to this day for awhile. Sammy in particular. He has been carrying his new backpack around for almost a week and has been most disappointed when we kept telling him that day was not the day for school. He has been very ready to go back. I am very happy with both teachers. Mr.Ordway was Nelson's 1st grade teacher and i think he will have a wonderful influence on Sammy as well. Mrs. Anthony was also Nelson's teacher in third grade. I just love her as teacher. Cali could not be more thrilled with the fact she has Mrs. Anthony. I just know both Kids will have a great year.
As for Kenzie and Nelson I will be home schooling them again this year. Yes this thought still panics me some but I really believe it was the right decision to make. Nelson's confidence level is going way up and Kenzie is no longer saying she is bored with school anymore. She used to be as excited about school as Cali and Sammy and it makes me sad she is losing that excitement. I guess that is also partly the age. Nelson is still A bit behind but he is definitely doing better and I am proud that he is putting forth the effort to get better. Kenzie last year was a huge help with Nelson and I Imagine this year she will be as well. Kenzie has said she wants to do High school at high school so next year she will be away from me again which actually works because the thought of doing High school classes scares the living daylight out of me. Nelson has expressed an interest about getting back into school over at McKinny. While I don't forsee that happening next year a Hopefully We can get him up enough to that in the next couple of years.I am so afraid I am going to make things worse for them but so far i am doing ok. For now and this year It is my prayer I can do just as well but hopefully better then I did last year.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bridgeport - the final hurrah before scool starts

All the kids from our group minus Jillian

Cali Jumping off the rock
Jillian eating a cheeto
Jonathon landing in the water after jumping off the rock
Sammy and Jimmy Keith
Look out below here comes McKenzie
Joshua Keith Jumping

Kenzie's first jump

So yesterday Laura Keith invited us to go Bridgeport. I had never been there and actually had the availability to go so we went.It was a lot of fun the kids loved playing in water and the sand. I even got in the water. I freaked out a little seeing Cali jump at first because she didn't jump out far enough and she went towards the shallow end but she was fine. After her first time of going after lots of coaxing from Kenzie and Joshua she went and loved it so she was going over and over again just like Kenzie and Joshua. The kids or at least my kids didn't want to leave and are already begging to go back. So next time we go we will have to take Ken who also hasn't been up there.
The only bad part was me stepping on a wasp i think or bee of some sort. Oh My stars did that ever hurt and my foot is still hurting from it. Laura pulled out a big ol' stinger from foot. Thank goodness she got it out but man it hurt. I like the kids can't wait to go back.

Sammy's 1st missing tooth

So Sammy Lost his first tooth.He of course is super excited. What a way to start out his 6th year. His Second tooth shouldn't be to far behind the tooth right next to the missing one is also loose. How fun How fun.

Sammy's 6th birthday

Wow Sammy is 6. I so can't believe this my baby isn't a baby anymore. And Before anyone suggests another one no that is so not going to happen. I am happy to be out of the baby phase it is just weird how fast it came. Anyway we just did a quiet family night for His birthday. Good FHE celebrating Sammy's b-day. Anyway as you can probably tell he was thrilled with his day. We had pineapple pizza for dinner per his request and chocolate cake and rocky road ice cream for dessert. He was super excited about his skates now he doesn't need to keep stealing his siblings skates. He was also happy to get a clone trooper helmet from grandma and grandpa Colborn and a star wars fighter ship that looks like Nelson's red one. Sammy's is yellow. Nelson and Sammy should have lots of fun playing star wars together now.
Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

Last big stop before going back Home

The Anderson cousin minus 2.

Cali And My cousin Chelsea

On the way from Salt Lake City we went to Orem to visit my Aunt Ruth And her family as well As my sisters Lydia and Jessica and their families. We were super excited to meet Jessica's little one Lincoln. Little cutie pie everyone is very excited about the new cousin.

Temple square

Us at the North visitor's center.

Us in front of the temple

The segull monument
Ken telling the kids the story of the seagull monument
The inside of the Tabernacle
My Samuel and Samuel the prophet.
The replica of the salt lake temple

View of the temple from Joseph Smith Memorial
Parlor in the beehive house
Banister in the beehive house

The kids really wanted to go see temple square so on our way home we stopped in Utah. what a magnificent experience. The spirit felt at the visitors centers and in the beehive house was amazing. being able to go through these different places even quickly was amazing. Again I could have spent a while longer there but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen. Maybe next time I go I will go without the kids so i can take my time going through the different places but this time I am really glad i had the kids with us.