Thursday, August 12, 2010

our yellowstone trip

The Bridge over the Snake river
The Snake river

Petrified tree
Upper falls
Lewis Falls
Lilypads at the continental divide

Castle geyser

A deer
Black Bear

On our way to Yellowstone we went through Idaho and stopped for a few minutes at this lookout over the Snake river. It was pretty there.
We had a fantastic time at Yellowstone. It was great being able to watch Old Faithful erupt and then be able to see the different geysers and hot springs in that area some of them were so beautiful and colorful. The smell was not the best but the beauty made up for it. Cali when she Castle geyser she had guessed the name of it long before we even got to that particular geyser and she was of course right so we had to get a picture of her in front of it. The kids also loved being able to see the different animals. Above are pictures of some of the animals we did see. The Bison walking across the street actually got quite close to our car. We had gotten out of the car when it was a ways off in the field and then we watched as it got closer and closer. It was rather fun and a bit scary we kept hearing how the bison can gauge someone or charge them. so as it got closer we had everyone get back n the car. As it started to walk past us we got out again.
We went on many hikes and really enjoyed the scenery around us. The Kids also enjoyed working on and receiving their junior ranger patches. I totally could have stayed there longer there. There is so much to do and see and we barely even scratched the surface of ti all.

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