Thursday, August 12, 2010

Temple square

Us at the North visitor's center.

Us in front of the temple

The segull monument
Ken telling the kids the story of the seagull monument
The inside of the Tabernacle
My Samuel and Samuel the prophet.
The replica of the salt lake temple

View of the temple from Joseph Smith Memorial
Parlor in the beehive house
Banister in the beehive house

The kids really wanted to go see temple square so on our way home we stopped in Utah. what a magnificent experience. The spirit felt at the visitors centers and in the beehive house was amazing. being able to go through these different places even quickly was amazing. Again I could have spent a while longer there but unfortunately that wasn't going to happen. Maybe next time I go I will go without the kids so i can take my time going through the different places but this time I am really glad i had the kids with us.

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Sarah said...

The intricate details at anything church related is amazing. The woodwork, the carpentry, the sculpted carpets, the mosaics, the door handles and metal work. Its all so beautiful.