Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sammy's 6th birthday

Wow Sammy is 6. I so can't believe this my baby isn't a baby anymore. And Before anyone suggests another one no that is so not going to happen. I am happy to be out of the baby phase it is just weird how fast it came. Anyway we just did a quiet family night for His birthday. Good FHE celebrating Sammy's b-day. Anyway as you can probably tell he was thrilled with his day. We had pineapple pizza for dinner per his request and chocolate cake and rocky road ice cream for dessert. He was super excited about his skates now he doesn't need to keep stealing his siblings skates. He was also happy to get a clone trooper helmet from grandma and grandpa Colborn and a star wars fighter ship that looks like Nelson's red one. Sammy's is yellow. Nelson and Sammy should have lots of fun playing star wars together now.
Happy Birthday Sammy!!!

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