Monday, August 30, 2010

How I got my name.

Ok So almost every time I meet someone new I get some comment about my name. Some of these comments include wow that's a different name, or wow that is Pretty name. Then come the questions such as where did the name come from? Is it a family name? Am I of that decent? What does it mean and the biggest one after all other questions have been answered is where did my parents come up with my name?
Ok So here is the answer to the questions.
1) Where does the name come from? It is old Norse or Scandinavian
2) Is it a family name? Nope not in the Slightest
3)Am I of That decent? Absolutely !However that is not why I ended up This name.
4) What does it mean? Freyja (Freya) Is the Norse goddess of Love and beauty and depending on what baby book you look in fertility can be added to that.
5) Where did my parents get the name? I would like to say they found it in baby name book or it was a family name but instead I tell everyone who asks they got it off an old Disney movie called Island On Top Of the World. I always laugh a little when I think of this just because I think it is an odd way to come up with a name but that is ok. Do I own the movie absolutely. It is my namesake i need to have it in my collection. :)

Now I must say I am rather partial to my name. I love it's originality and am very glad it is the name I ended up with. I could have been either Aubry or Tiffany Sunshine and being called Sunny. Thankfully I am not called Sunny. I grew up laughing at people stumbling over my name and really I still laugh about it. And I am shocked when people who have never met me before can look at my name and pronounce it right off. These people obviously know another Freyja or their Norse Mythology. I ususally don't tell to many people about the whole goddess thing because then I end up with remarks Like I did up at trek "Hey its the goddess" This of course left my husband looking at me with a huge question in his eyes. He of course knows the orgin of my name but I had to explain that I had explained it to someone else at girls camp.

Anyway I hope this answers any questions. SO here is mine to everyone. Is there some special story behind your how you got your name?


Rachel & Todd said...

Love that story of your name! lol I dont have a cool story of how I got my name but I do know that it was between Rachel Michelle or Daisy Mae. I am happy with my parents choice needless to say.

2KT Faupula girls said...

Thank Freyja! It's nice to know that we have a Goddess in our area! LOL!