Monday, May 18, 2009

Marine World Field Trip

The two reasons i was on this field trip.
Macie and Cali

Rebecca, Me, Ronika, Nelson, Cali and Macie right after we got off the water ride. Rebecca got the most wet but it felt nice.

Nelson And the huge Walrus. The walrus kept clapping it was rather funny. He did a report on this animal.
On Their backs/front. "I Love Mrs.Anthony", smiley face and "I love Mrs.Clavelle"
Mrs. Anthony(Nelson's teacher), Cali, Macie, Nelson

On Friday I was able to go on feild trip with not one but two of my kids, lucky me. We had the great opportunity to go Marine World for the day. It was so much fun. I was afraid Nelson wasn't going to be able to go because he kept refusing to get his animal report done done so i was very glad that he finally got it done so he could go. I went as a chaperone for Nelson's class. So I had Nelson and Ronika in my care and Cali was with Rebecca and Macie. However all of us were able to hang out together which made the day all the more fun. All the kids we wearing matching t-shirts with a chalk board on the back. So they had fun on the trip to and from the park writing on each others back. Mrs. Anthony also had fun writing on the kids shirts. I am so glad that I was able to go on this field trip.By the time the day was over we were all extremely exhausted and we dropped quickly when we went to bed that night.

The ice cream cake

Ok so for Cali's birthday Ken and i thought we would try our hand at making out own ice cream cake. She wanted Rocky road ice cream. so we got that and a yellow cake mix. I have to admit i wasn't to sure how this would turn out but I was pleased with the results. I was even more pleased that this little cake fed almost the entire 15 people who were at my house for Cali's party. I am glad that i decided to make another regular cake just in case. Those 2-3 who didn't have the ice cream cake chose the regular cake so it worked out really well.
I am so going to do this again. It is well worth the effort to make it not to mention it is a lot cheaper then buying one from some place. The only thing different is i will need to make sure it is cooler in the house and I move quicker when I am trying to frost i or leave the ice cream in the freezer longer so it doesn't start to melt.

Cali's 7th birthday

Happy birthday, CALI!!!

Everyone enjoying the cake.
Daniel and Samuel enjoying the cake.
Trevor,Braden, and Rebecca enjoying their ice cream cake.

Wow Cali turned 7years old a week ago. I can't believe it. It is totally crazy how fast time flies. We didn't do a major birthday party for her. I took cupcakes in for her class and we did a spur of the moment party. We invited the Knudson family over for pizza and cake and ice cream. It was a lot of fun. I love this family and with one of Cali's best friends being part of it it made a lot of sense to invite them over. Cali was of course thrilled about having them over. So thanks guys for helping to make her day. Also thanks to everyone who called her she got a huge kick out of it.
I have decided that i totally need to have a get together again. I have decided also that sometimes the spur of the moment things work so much better and they are absolutely less stressful.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Day at Ellis Lake

McKenzie in front of the Ellis Lake sign.

How Cute!

My two beautiful girls.

On Saturday when I got home from the YW yard sale I found my family packing a picnic lunch and getting ready to head out. We went over to Ellis Lake for a little bit. We had a nice picnic by the lake sitting in the shade. After our picnic we walked around the lake. The kids loved it they kept pointing out things they saw. Some of the favorite things that were seen were some of the huge fish that have obviously been on that lake for years and all the ducks. We must have seen about 5 families of ducks. All the babies were absolutely adoreable. It was a georgeous day outside and this was a fantastic way to spend some happy time together as a family.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cali's pre-birthday

My in-laws came up on Friday to take back their truck that we have had for a month. I am so appreciative for their willingness to let us use it. Since we got the van however we don't need the truck anymore.
Anyway they decided to bring Cali's birthday present with them since her birthday is within the next couple of days. Cali was thrilled of course. So happy pre- birthday Cali.

The Fort

My floors desperately needed to be mopped so i moved the table and chairs out of the dining room and out onto my family room carpet. I had to laugh when i was done mopping to turn around and find this scene before me. Daniel and Sammy had pulled out blankets and pillows and set up there own little fort in my family room under my kitchen table. The funny thing was they did it so quietly. They laid under their fort and watched Dora while my floors dried.

Noah's Ark

"Noah" telling the people to repent.
"Noah" building the Ark
The wicked people pointing at and making fun of Noah.
"Noah" Safe and happy with all his animals.

Last week for FHE it was Sammy's turn to give the lesson. So with the help of Daddy the story of Noah's Ark was taught and acted out by all. This was a great way to get the whole family involved and a fun way to learn a wonderful scripture story.

Our Garden pt.1

Cali and Daddy planting seeds with Nelson looking on.
Kenzie planting seeds.
Daddy showing Sammy how to plant seeds.

A few weeks ago we decided to plant a garden for FHE. We did a short lesson on faith and had fun as we planted what will hopefully be our first of many gardens. We are anxious to watch it grow.