Thursday, February 19, 2009

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This is Cali playing with my niece Zoey and Zoey's cousin,Ethan. It was taken this last Christmas Break at my sister's house. Cali is 61/2 Zoey is about a 1 1/2. I am not sure how old Ethan is. Actually I don't remember taking this Picture so maybe Kenzie or Nelson got hold of my camera.

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Monday, February 16, 2009


Kenzie And Nelson
Cali and Sammy
Yesterday I have four kids saying mommy can we have a sleepover , Please? We don't have school tomorrow. We promise we will go to sleep. PLeasssse? Normally I say no but last night I gave in. So they all piled into the boys room because it is bigger for a siblings sleepover. I love when they are actually getting along like this . Surprisingly they really did go to sleep very easily. I was really impressed.
I tried getting a picture of all 4 of them together but the room was wat to dark and i couldn't get at good angle to do it. These were taken at 11p.m. They were all so out the flash from the camer didn't even make them stir in the slightest.

Snow Day

SNOW BALL FIGHT!!! Crazy Kenzie Decided to make her first snowball without gloves . She quickly relized why we insisted on gloves.

Sammy tried the lack of gloves also and ended up crying because his hands hurt. He also realized the importance of gloves.

Our Valentine's Day was spent together as a family. Ken and I had our Valentine's with our trip last week. Anyway the kids have been begging us for a long time to take them to the snow. They had not actually been before. (I Know shame on us) Ken wanted to try to take us up near where the boy scouts went however when the car started to slide a little we were able to turn around and go somewhere a little less slick. We ended up at a Place called Bullard's Bar. It didn't have quite as much snow as futher up but it had enough for everyone to have a blast. The kids loved being able to do a little sleding. They loved being able to have a snowball fight and there was actually enough snow to build a snowman. They loved it. And I had so much fun watching them. I definantly smell a new tradition coming on. After a couple of hours of fun in the snow we headed home. All of us had big cups of Hot Chocolate And enjoyed hot showers/baths to help us warm up.

LAter that night ken and I fixed a nice dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening once the kids were in bed(and they aley zonked out pretty quickly)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our time in San Francisco

Thursday and Friday I went on date number one of two owed with my wonderful hubby. My In-laws came up and watched the kids while Ken and I went to San Francisco for a couple of days. It was so much fun we went to pier 39 and Fisherman's wharf. We had fun looking in the different stores especially the stores we would usually never go into with 4 kids. The bad thing was it rained off and on while we wandered around but it was still great.

Of course the biggest reason we went was for something I have been looking forward to for months. We went to go see a great Broadway musical. We went and saw "Wicked". For those of you who don't know this a pre Wizard of Oz. It tells the story of Glinda and the wicked witch of the west and the friendship they share. I absolutley loved this show. It did not let me down at all. It had me laughing and wanting to sing along with it. Words cannot describe how much I loved this show.McKenzie was extremely jealous at this because she wanted to see it as much as I did. I have the cd and love the music. While Kenzie was completly jealous and would have been there with bells on Ken went for the main purpose of going with me. He is so good to me. Although I am pretty sure he enjoyed the show also. The show got out at 11p.m. so obvously coming home wasn't an option. We stayed at a Hotel in Japantown. Called Hotel Kubuki. It was a nice hotel and only a short distance from the theater.

We had some fun wandering around Japantown for a little bit. By time we came home we were exhausted but it was well worth it. I will say this San Francisco is a grea place to visit but would never want to live there.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Best Friends

I have been watching Daniel for a little over a year and he and Sammy usually play very well together. And when they do it is most wonderful thing. Of course they tend to grate on each others nerves from time to time but overall he are very good together. This week has been so nice with nice weather and they loved playing outside. They Had a blast taking the sidewalk chalk out to my front side walk and drawing pictures of their sisters and dogs among other things. When they were done there they pushed the dog inside and went out back to play basketball. They also very much enjoyed being able to have a picnic and eat their lunches outside. This was a good day for all involved And they were truley behaving like the "best friends" they say they are.

"Slow Ride"

One of the favorite wii games in our house is guitar hero. It is especially liked by Ken, myself and Nelson. Nelson however is the most determined on it. And He was so completely excited when he finally made it through his entire first song. His first song was Slow ride. Now he is on to the next song in his level.