Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun In the sun

The many colors of Sammy.

We got lucky this summer and the pool right down the street from us opened for public swimming a few hours a day. So I went and got the family pass so I can take the kids as often as I like. Yeah now I don't need to hear so much of "i'm bored" this summer. I also got three of the kids signed up for swim lessons. All of us are really enjoying our time at the pool. It is especially fun when we have friends come swimming such as the Knudson's and the Sorensen's. Totally fun

Sammy's tan is after 4 or 5 times at the pool. So not fair. I burn like no tomorrow and three of my four children get nice tans.Oh Well hopefully when I go to Tahoe I won't be so pitifully white.

Twilight camp

Nelson's den.
Nelson Taking aim with the bb gun.
Nelson sanding down his tool box.
Nelson and Brycan

Flag retirement ceremony.

Last week was the cub scout twilight camp. Nelson had a blast. He loved doing the bb guns and archery the best. However he enjoyed the whole week.
On Friday was the family day. We got to join Nelson for dinner. It was a lot of fun. The boys had fun doing skits. And we got to watch a flag retirement ceremony. That was very interesting.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Calavaras Big Trees

This is the veiw from our campsite.

For Ken's birthday he decided he wanted to go get away just him and I. He wanted to go camping so we went to the Calaveras Big Trees state park. It was an absolutely beautiful. The view from our camp site was gorgeous. It was a very relaxing weekend. I always enjoy getting away for a little while . What a great way to get rejuvinated and ready to come back to raising my four beautiful children.
We were able to do some trail hiking while there and see some of the beautiful nature. I have to say i fell in love with the scenery. In the last picture is tree called the sacrificial tree. The story behind its name I thought was sad. When the redwoods were discovered many years ago the people in other countries didn't believe they existed so they came and took apart the bark of the tree and took out pieces then put it together in different locations. Such a waste of a beautiful tree. I love these beautiful trees. I am so glad Ken had this idea.

The AR picnic

Cali with her silver and Macie with her gold. Woohoo girls keep up the good work.
Ok so this is a little out of order. I should have done this before school's out but oh well. Anyway during the year at the kids school they have a reading contest in which the children read as many books as they can and take tests to make sure they understood. At the end of the year those who got the most points from their reading received either a gold, silver or bronze medal.
I am so proud of Cali. This was her first year in the conference and she received a silver award. We are so proud of her and know her love of reading will continue through out her school career and life. I am also so glad she had a wonderful teacher who helped fuel that fire not only in Cali but in her entire class. The entire class was at this picnic receiving awards. Thanks Mrs. Clavelle.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The kids jumping for joy to be done with school.
Mrs.Anthony trying to embarrass Nelson Because he was being a little stinker.
He finally smiles (sort of).
Aren't these shirts cute!
Macie , Mrs. Clavelle and Cali.
Cali enjoying her snow cone.

Today was the last day of school for a few months. This year has been a wonderful year with wonderful teachers. Mckenzie did well in 6th grade and i am very proud of her. Nelson while he struggled I am proud of him as well. He had perfect attendance this year and that is not an easy task to accomplish especially when everyone else in the house is getting sick. Cali also did well this year and really enjoyed school. Cali and Nelson were able to enjoy snow cones there last day of school.
This year while it had it's difficulties I have been very happy with my kids teachers this year. Thank you to all the good teachers out there.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My New doors

Grandpa Colborn getting the sliding glass doors out.
Nelson isn't one for loud noises.

Sammy and McKenzie helping to get the frame ready for the new doors.
Ken And Grandpa bringing the new doors in through the back patio.
The finished product.
Since we moved into our house almost 4 years ago we have been wanting to rip out the ugly sliding glass doors and put in french doors. So when our sliding glass doors stopped sliding we finally foolowed through with our plan. I love our new doors. the blinds are on the inside of the glass so i don't need to worry about dusting them. I love them. Of course we are all trying to get used to going in and out the opposite side then we have been for the past few years but that is ok.