Monday, June 22, 2009

The AR picnic

Cali with her silver and Macie with her gold. Woohoo girls keep up the good work.
Ok so this is a little out of order. I should have done this before school's out but oh well. Anyway during the year at the kids school they have a reading contest in which the children read as many books as they can and take tests to make sure they understood. At the end of the year those who got the most points from their reading received either a gold, silver or bronze medal.
I am so proud of Cali. This was her first year in the conference and she received a silver award. We are so proud of her and know her love of reading will continue through out her school career and life. I am also so glad she had a wonderful teacher who helped fuel that fire not only in Cali but in her entire class. The entire class was at this picnic receiving awards. Thanks Mrs. Clavelle.

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