Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cali's 9

Me and Cali out to Lunch.

Cali turned 9 on MAy 11. Wow I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up. it is crazy.
I picked Cali up from school and took her to lunch which she loved and was completly surprised about.
This evening we had chicken broccoli for dinner as was her request. Then we had chocolate cake and mint and chip ice. We then went to her activity days and played a game there about the articles of faith.
She had fun today and I'm glad
Happy Birthday Cali you are a wonderful little girl. I love you.

Baseball, softball, tee ball

Nelson at bat.
Nelson on 1st.
Nelson with his team rival Wyatt Wolverton
Cali as catcher.
Cali on 3rd.
Cali on second
Sammy on 3rd.
Sammy practicing hitting with out the tee.
Sammy as catcher.

So these three have taken up a huge amount of my life the last few months. BAseball season started on march and ends in the beginning of June. SO with 3 game schedules and practice schedules this has most definitely been my life for a while mixed with young women and my family. It has been crazy busy. But all in all it has been good. The kids have enjoyed it Cali The most I think. Nelson's confidence level has come up quite a bit, which I am thrilled about. He has also been learning how to pitch. He has not been able to pitch in a game as of yet but he is loving that he is being taught. Sammy is a lefty when it comes to baseball so he hits and throws left and does a great job with it, when he wants to.
All in all it has been a good season but boy will I be grateful when it is done.

American Parkway 1/2 marathon

Ken and I before the half started.
Earl Keith and Ken
Me and Laura

In April we ran the American river parkway half marathon. This is my second half and Ken's first half. Again the Keith's were our racing buddies. I wish I could get my time to improve but for this race it didn't happen. I actually did a little worse then my first run which is a bummer. But I will keep working at it. It was a nice run. It started out freezing but it quickly warmed up.

He's 11

See the bat. That was just a glimpse at my future for the next few months.
Sammy Saw the ballon and insisted on getting it for Nelson. SO this was Sammy's gift to him.

Nelson turned 11 on march 10th. He definitely has the easiest birthday as far as remembering how old he is. If we can remember the year that is how old he is. I can't believe I have one more year till he turns 12 and there will be 2 priesthood holders in my house. For someone who grew up with all girls in the house I have to say that Is a crazy, but exciting thought.
I am so excited and happy to have him as my son.
Anyway he had base ball practice. So afterwords we had dinner and cake and ice cream. He then opened gifts. He loved everything. And really enjoyed his birthday.
Happy Birthday Nelson!!! I love you.

Nelson's Arrow of Light

Nelson receiving his arrow of light among other things.
Nelson pinning the mother's pin on me.
Me, Nelson and Brother Peters( Nelson's weblow leader)
Brother Miller ( the 11 yr.old scout leader) And Jonathon Keith Putting his new neckerchief on.

Ok I Know I am way behind but oh well. This need t be put up.
Yep he did it. In February at the blue and gold dinner he received his Arrow of light. He also received several belt loops and patches. He could not have been more happy. He worked really hard to get it. I am so super proud of him. When Bishop Keith Told him not every boy gets that award a fire was lit in him and I don't think I have ever seen him so focused on something before. It was awesome. I can't wait to see how does with the rest of his scouting career. Now to get him through the Faith in God.