Sunday, May 22, 2011

He's 11

See the bat. That was just a glimpse at my future for the next few months.
Sammy Saw the ballon and insisted on getting it for Nelson. SO this was Sammy's gift to him.

Nelson turned 11 on march 10th. He definitely has the easiest birthday as far as remembering how old he is. If we can remember the year that is how old he is. I can't believe I have one more year till he turns 12 and there will be 2 priesthood holders in my house. For someone who grew up with all girls in the house I have to say that Is a crazy, but exciting thought.
I am so excited and happy to have him as my son.
Anyway he had base ball practice. So afterwords we had dinner and cake and ice cream. He then opened gifts. He loved everything. And really enjoyed his birthday.
Happy Birthday Nelson!!! I love you.

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tammy said...

Seriously!!! i have such a hard time knowing that all three of mine are gorwing up, but Nelson is 11?!?!?!?! I think the best part of them turning 12 is to see them carry the priesthood and see how they are going to use it throughout their lives. It's AMAZING!!! You're going to love it!!!