Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year's eve 2010

Ken, Kenzie, Nelson, and Cali all waiting for the ball to drop. Yes Kenzie is awake.

So what did you do for New year's eve this year. Me I stayed home with my family which was a change of plans for me. Ken And I were supposed to leave the kiddos at home while we went and enjoyed the company of our friends the Keiths and some others. We were supposed to go to dinner with them and then go back to their place for games and stuff to bring in the New year. Sounds Like a ton of fun, right? SO why did we change our plans? Well that is an easy answer unfortunately Nelson was sick. Boo. He woke up early sick to his stomach. Leaving him with Kenzie wasn't really an option because she doesn't do well taking care of her siblings when they are sick. Shoot she has a hard enough time when its just her who is sick. Anyway we stayed home but still had fun. We played a few games with the kids. and then just relaxed. Nelson had taken a good long nap earlier in the day and was feeling a bit better. Sammy was the only one who didn't get to stay up( sorry Sammy maybe next year). Anyway the kids loved watching the ball drop. Afterwords everyone went to bed hopefully to sleep a good long time.

Kenzie's texting

So on Wednesday evening the young women had a sleepover. At this sleepover that I was lucky to be part of McKenzie was teasing Bethany about texting to much and Bethany was teasing McKenzie about talking to much. Now anyone who know either of these girls knows this is entirely a true thing. The teasing that was going on was just that teasing they weren't being mean just having a little fun. Anyway so a little competition was formulated. Kenzie wasn't supposed to talk fro half an hour and Bethany wasn't supposed to text for half an hour. Now while that doesn't seem like that big of a deal for these two girls it is. Within the first 15 minutes I thought Kenzie was going to go crazy without being able to talk. It was rather funny to watch. Anyway when the timer went up totally expected her to start talking instead she looked at Bethany and kept her mouth closed. And Bethany being the competitive person she is was not about to let McKenzie win. So for and hour longer no sound came from Kenzie's mouth and no texting was done at least not by Bethany. Kenzie who does not have a phone of her own has never really done the texting thing. so she started to play with Bethany's phone with Bethany watching her of course. It took her a few minutes to figure out how to find me on Bethany's contact list and another few to figure out how to actually send the text from her phone but really in no time at all Kenzie was texting like a pro. Ugh I am in trouble when I actually get the girl a phone. Now she can talk without uttering a sound. This should be fun.
Anyway the competition ended with Kenzie breaking first. And boy was she not happy. She answered a question someone asked without even thinking about or realizing that she did it until both Bethany and I pointed it out to her.
It was a great evening but now I know when i do get her a phone to make sure she has a good texting plan.
Yea for teenagers!! :)

Christmas Day 2010

Everyone early Christmas morning
Sammy and his Kung Zhu pets.
Nelson is a big star wars fan. Needless to say he loves his new shirt.
If that shirt doesn't describe McKenzie I don't know what does.
Cali Loves girly things like earrings.
She is also a little CRAZY about littlest pet shop.

Christmas morning started early at our house. The kids went to our room before they went to see what Santa brought like they always do. When everyone was awake and ready to go they lined up oldest to youngest and walked down the hall out to the living room. Let me tell you that trying to enforce the no running rule when they are all so excited is really difficult but that is partly what makes it fun at least for me. Anyway after they looked in their stockings presents were opened. They all were happy with what they got.
McKenzie I hate to admit is growing up and she is starting to turn more into a girly, girl with each passing day. She still has a bit of tom boy in her but that is not her most dominate personality anymore. When she asked for clothes and make-up for Christmas first i needed to do a double take then i wanted to cry. It really wasn't that long ago when she went literally running from the idea of wearing make-up now she wants to wear it all the time, waaa. Anyway so she was one happy girl to get both. Sniff, sniff.
Nelson was thrilled with his star wars stuff and his wii game.
Cali I had to laugh at. She also asked for clothes and make-up. she has always been a girly, girl. However when she asked for makeup I honestly laughed at her. She said but Kenzie asked for some. All I could say was yeah but Kenzie is 13 and you are 8 it is so not going to happen. Thank goodness she was happy with her clothes and toys. My mom gave her a nail kit which she was happy with.
Sammy loves his cars and video games.
My boys were definitely easier to make happy.

For Breakfast we had carmel rolls that our friends the Knudson family gave us. Can I just say yummy. They were so good. Thank you Knudsons for bringing the makings and the directions for that very yummy treat.

Later Ken took the kids to see his family. I didn't go because honestly I was not feeling very well. I felt bad about not going because I love my in-laws. I got lucky in that regard but there was not much I could do about that. So while my family was off having a good time, which i insisted they go and have, i lounged around on my couch all day getting some rest. It was nice not having to worry about anything or anyone at that point.
I was pleasantly surprised when my family came home a lot sooner then I expected. They decided that since I was home by myself on Christmas they needed to come home as well. However I know that they all had a blast at my in-laws like they always do. I was also very pleased that by time they all got home i was feeling a ton better.

All in all we had a very good Christmas. It is hard for it to go bad even when I wasn't feeling well when surrounded by the love of friends and family. I hope all our friends and family had a great Christmas as well.

Christmas Eve 2010

My Family- My parents, sisters their husbands and kids and of course my kiddos and wonderful husband and I

Christmas eve this year was absolutely wonderful. I was so excited to have my family come here for Christmas eve dinner and just to spend the day. It has been quite awhile since all of of have been in one place i want to say a couple of years, I have seen everyone at one point or another throughout the year but it just isn't the same as all of us being together. My aunt Chris is missing from the Picture but I am very happy she was able to make it as well. It was fun not having to go anywhere and having everyone come to us that normally does not happen. I have to say it was crazy and for anyone who been at my house you know that there is not a ton of space but nonetheless it was great. Having 8 kids running around the and making as much noise as possible and all the different conversations that were going on it truly was a mad house. We had a delicious dinner and played games and just enjoyed being with each other. I honestly have to say that the greatest Christmas Present I have received or will receive this year is definitely being able to have my whole family all in one place. I truly Love my family and consider myself very blessed that we are in each others lives.

As everyone was leaving to head back to there various destinations we had the missionaries over. Now that was fun. My kids, in particular the boys, loved having them here. After they ate. The Elders played nerf dart tag with the boys and played with Sammy on his star wars game. We at one point had an all out war here with nerf darts flying every where it was crazy but fun.

Paper route

Sammy bagging.
With newsprint smudges on his face.

A couple of months ago our friends the Vardy's asked if we would like to do a paper route. It is a one day a week thing so we said sure. Well with it we are getting the whole family involved and teaching the kids to work together. They are also able to earn a little bit of money as well. Anyway I just thought this was cute. Sammy is quite the helper. he does good bagging. But i thought it was the funniest when he touched his face and got it all smudged up.
What a cutie he is.