Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of school, first day of school!!!!

Mckenzie is so ready for High school. I will admit that when she walked off my stomach did more flip flops then when we took the kids to school. I am sure she will do great. She texted me in between classes just to check in and let ke know how it was going. I loved it.
Nelson is also ready for school to start. I am keeping him home again this year. i think he is looking forward to having just me and him time. I am hoping to help him improve in is math as well as other subjects. I am also hoping to get him doing things a bit more independantly so when the time come for him to get back into the public school system he will be able to adjust easier. Here's hoping for a good school year.
Cali is all set to start 4th grade. She is excited to be one of the "big kids" at Kynoch this year. She has a wonderful teacher this year by the name of Mrs.vance. She was also McKenzie's 4th grade teacher as well. I really believe Cali will do well in there.
Sammy Is all ready and Excited to be starting 2nd grade this year. He gets to be in
Mrs. Anderson's class this year. I am looking forward to be able to work with her again this year. She is a wonderful teacher and I know she will be good for Sammy.

All kids come home with smiles o their faces and happy they are back in school, especially kenzie who has been home the last couple of years. Well first day nerves are finally gone. Now to get into the routine of life.

She's in high school

Kenzie concentrating on opening her locker. It gave her a little grief but once she finally got she was good to go.

Again yikes! How did that happen? I am so not old enough to have a high schooler so how did she become one. Ok i know i am going through denial but I am afraid i can't help it. She is so super excited to be doing high school and I am excited for her. I am really I am just nervous at the same time. This is the start of a whole new world I am not ready to jump into with her. But ready or not here we go.
At freshman orientation she was able to go find her classes and also figure out if she had any friends in any of her classes. I am glad to say that she does.
Good luck Kenzie!!!!

Wow my baby is 7!!!

Can You believe it? I can't! How in the world did 7 years go by so dang fast? It is crazy! My baby turned 7 on August 2. He had fun on his birthday. I took him to McDonald's for lunch. And for dinner he asked for pizza and chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for dessert. As for gifts It was pretty much a lego themed birthday.
Him up in the tree I don't think was actually taken that day but i thought it was funny. Also i thought it would be interesting to showing his tower with all his star wars and police lego figures that he got for his birthday.
I am so glad to have Sammy as part of this family. He definitely makes life interesting and I can't imagine my life or family with him as part of it,

Go Rivercats!!!

At the end of July after Ken Got back from Seattle we met up with everyone from his office and enjoyed a rivercats game. It was a ton of fun. Well Sammy doesn't look like he s having fun but believe it or not he did. This was the first game besides little league that all but Ken and Nelson had been to. We didn't even tell the kids we were going until Ken left for Seattle. And boy were they excited and surprised.
The rivercats won the game and there was fireworks after words. What a way to end the very busy month By making still more memories.

Adventure # 3pt 3 : Around Camp

Me and My Daddy. Yes I still call him daddy. I am a bit of a daddy's girl and proud of it. I get to see him even less then I get to see my mom so i had to take advantage of this opportunity to get a picture with him .
My family. My parents, sisters and their individual families and of course my own family.
Our Brand new huge tent.
Me and Nelson making breakfast.
My adorable little nephew Lincoln totally wiped out.
My still adorable Nephew Lincoln zonked out in my hammack.

Sammy and 2 more of my adorable nephews, Owen (or little O) and Eli.

Being at Tahoe with my family is an awesome experience for me. I love being able to be with my family that we see at the top of the page but also being able to see some of my aunts, uncles and cousins is always fun as well.
When we were not at the beach we were hanging out around camp. We Played games , hung out and just relaxed. I love it.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Eagle Falls trail

I Love this family.
Me and My beautiful daughters with Eagle lake behind us.
Isn't that a gorgeous view. Emerald Bay isn't to bad either. :)

"I'm queen of the world."
The Boys crawling under the same rock Kenzie is on top of.
Me and Ken with emerald bay in the Distance.

Eagle Lake
Eagle falls

Something that I love about my husband, all my kiddos and me is we love to be outside. My kiddos are finally old and big enough that we can enjoy some of the better hikes in Tahoe when we go. This year we went to Someplace none of us have been before which is amazing considering Ken lived just a short distance from there when he was younger and I have been coming to Tahoe with my family for longer then i can remember so needless to say this was a great day to make a brand new memory for all of us this year. This year instead of going DOWN to Emerald Bay we went UP to Eagle lake. This trail was gorgeous. Even I with my fear of heights could admit that the view is pretty. As long as i didn't get to close to the edge and Look down i was ok.
The trail went up past the falls and ended at Eagle lake which is a gorgeous, little lake. The kids are already planning next time we go that they wear their swimsuits so they can get more then their feet wet. I don't know about that but I guess we will see.
The Dead trees i thought were cool looking so I took pictures of them to share with everyone else.
I am looking forward to be able to come back and spend the day here again another year.

Summer adventure #3 The beaches of Tahoe

Sammy And Nelson standing in one of the many holes they dug on the beach.
All the kiddos out on the water.
Cali under the water
McKenzie swimming in the lake.
Cali Being buried by little O
Me and Cali
Ken and Nelson
Me And Ken
My Mom, Dad And McKenzie

This year we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe to spend some time with my family. We spent a lot of time on the beach. We had a blast. We had a waterproof video camera that also takes still shots that we had fun playing with.
I love being in Tahoe. it brings back such happy memories of my childhood and I am thrilled that my own children get to enjoy the lake and all the fun there. And make their own memories.

Girls Camp

All My wonderful girls plus Bishop and Sister Keith, Sister pederson, me and Sister Stalions.

My Next adventure this summer included girls camp for the third time. I do so love going and being able to get to know the girls better. This year it was really an adventure. It was a new camp, new program which of course the girls were super excited about,haha. But it also rained all day Tuesday and all night as well. Most of the camps were flooded out and many of the girls slept in the eating pavilion. All My girls were down there however my tent was fine so I and sister Stallions got to stay in our camp. All this being said it was a wonderful year and all the girls actually enjoyed themselves. I look forward to seeing what adventure next year holds or if i will even be going.


Ok so this summer included many things for me. It Started out with This Fun fantastic activity. Ken's boss decided to have a wife appreciation day and sent four of the wives of the blast employees to Indian Springs Spa in Calistoga. So It was me, Christine Kelly, Danee Davis, and Jeri Christopher. I had a lot of fun getting to know these ladies.
Never having had any spa treatment before I quickly learned why this is such a favorite past time of many people. I totally loved it. I would totally go and do it again and hopefully i can some day.
After a fabulous afternoon of being pampered we went to diner at a place called Brannen's.Yummy!!! Yes that is my dinner from that night and I enjoyed every bite of it.