Friday, March 26, 2010

The flour fight

Eliza rolling out cookies
Kenzie Cutting cookies

Ok so this afternoon i was making cookies for a New moon viewing party tonight. This were going great at least for a little bit. I was getting cookies made when Eliza and mckenzie stepped in to help. And the did a wonderful job rolling the dough and cutting it for me until bot Kenzie and eliza touched Kenzie's face with flour all over there hands. And so started the fight. Nelson decidedhe wanted to get Kenzie a little, all right a lot more covered in flour. He then got a handful and threw it at her. She in turn threw some on me. Sammy decided he needed to get involved as well but he wasn't as badly scathed. Actually Eliza managed to stay pretty clean as well until I insisted she had to get some on her as well. Nelson liked that idea as well so instead of being happy with the little bit i got on her he went for a full force of it. Ad of course itended up all over the floor and the carpet.
Cali was still at school when all this was going on which is why she isn't in any of these pictures.
It was fun while it lasted but I am glad that doesn't happen every time I bake.
I have to say it is never a dul lmoment at my house. Which is ok with me. I like a little chaos. It makes life interesting.
The cookies turned out great.At least I think so. They are in the shape of dog bones. :)

Renaissance Fair

Fencing demonstration
Getting ready to fire the cannon
Knight jousting

Kenzie making a headband
Cali Making a headband
Sammy playing a huge game of jenga
Cali playing a huge game of jenga
Cali spinning alpaca wool
Sammy spinning alpaca wool
Cali and Sammy learning about a french catapolt
Nelson making chain mail
Sammy making butter
Sammy pully the sword out of the hay.

Cali getting Knighted.

Knighted Sammy

Nelson getting Knighted .
Kenzie getting Knighted

Knighted Kenzie. Watch out she has a sword.

Last week I pulled Cali and Sammy out of school and to go with me, McKenzie and Nelson to a Renaissance fair that Kenzie and Nelson's school put on. They all had a ton of fun. The all had fun making shields and leather bracelets. Nelson had a blast making chain mail. They made butter and the girls made headbands. Just name a few things. They all had a blast getting knighted.
It was also very fun to watch some of the different demonstrations that were performed such as jousting and Fencing. Nelson especially loved watching the cannon being fired.

All in all it was a fun field trip but exhausting. I was ready to drop when we got home that evening.

the Cannery

Ok so I should have put these up last month but I forgot. Ken and I had the opportunity to go to the cannery with Sister Totton and Sister Channel last month to help with the spaghetti sauce. I personally I had fun with it. Of Course my job was pretty easy. I was put in charge of making sure that the right ingredients were put in. I was given the recipie and watched everyone else put it in. Ken On the other had was very literally up to his elbows in tomato paste. Hehe. It's a good thing we don't care about the clothes he was in.
Sister Barrow form the stake yw pres. was also there that morning and she was the brave one who brought her camera. I would not have been brave enough to do that but I am glad that she did because I now have these pictures. Thanks Sister Barrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nelson's 10th birthday

Nelson's new glow in the dark CTR ring.

The ice cream cake I made for his birthday.

Yesterday was a good day for Nelson. He celebrated his 10th birthday. I can't believe he is 10 already. Time just totally flies by. It is so weird to think I have 2 kids in their double digits.

Boy was he excited. We didn't do anything to exciting just a small family evening at home. He wanted pineapple pizza for his birthday dinner. So we got that and a pepperoni for those who don't like pineapple. He also wanted an ice cream cake so I made him one. Let me just say it is a lot cheaper to do it that way then going to baskin robbins or somewhere else. He has been asking for a real CTR ring for a while so we got him one this year. He is very excited because it glows in the dark. He is also very into Star Wars the clone wars so we got him a couple of little toys from that. He was very pleased with his birthday. Later this month he wants to go see "How to train my dragon" with a friend or two. Like Kenzie went to a movie for her birthday.

Happy Birthday Nelson!!!