Friday, November 13, 2009

My Surprise Visit

Me, my Mom and Lydia

MY Mom and Aunt Chris
So On November 13th i had a fantastic surprise. While I was running around with McKenzie and Nelson for P.E. my mom called my cell phone. The Best thing about this call is she told me that she and my sister Lydia along with her boys were in Modesto. What? I stopped running at this point. I was shocked. Apparently they took an impromtu trip down this way to get Lydia's Christmas Decorations. Anyway we made plans to get together that night.

We Met at Leatherby's in Sacramento. A family favorite spot to go to. My Aunt Chris and cousin Alison with her two girls were there as well. This was a great night for me . I was so happy to see them. I had just been thinking how much I miss my sisters and my parents and then they show up. It was a great mood lifter for me. This Little visit will get me through till Christmas when i can see them again.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another prestige trip

Ok so i Know I have said this before but I really Love Cali's teacher. This was the November trip to Prestige that Cali's class took. It was actually done the first Friday of November.
They did a wonderful job. This time they sang 40 hr. week again and they also sang Sing a song of sixpence. They also did two puppet shows. They performed The little Red Hen and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Cali got to be The Little Red Hen this time and she did a great job. They also did some reading to the people there.
I really think that think this is a great opportunity for these kids to bring a little joy to the lives of others. ANd I love that Mrs.Anderson teaches these kids great music and stories.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Girl scouts go ice skating

Me and my two favorite girl scouts.
McKenzie and all the Brownies.
Dulce, McKenzie and Cali

Kenzie trying a few tricks while on the ice. Amazingly she didn't fall.
Me and all 11 of my girls ranging from 2nd grade up to the 7th.

So I have been McKenzie's girl scout leader since she was in 1st grade. She has been in it since Kindergarten however. I have had my share of frustrations and my share of fun with the girls over the years. The troop keeps losing and adding girls. I have had 4 of the girls for 3 yrs and the rest have just been added within the last year. Cali joined my troop last year and has been having a ton of fun. she is especially happy to have a whole group of girls who are her age.

This was our first big activity of this girl scout year. We got to go ice skating. This is the 3rd time I have taken my girls ice skating. Needless to say this is one of the favorite activities because they keep wanting to do it. Over half the girls that were with me on this day had never actually been on ice skates before so needless to say I was a bit nervous about someone breaking their ankle or something. I am very happy to report that while quite a few of the girls fell a few times not no one was seriously hurt. They all had a blast and are already planning another trip.

I love being able to be part of my girls lives in this way.

She's twelve and in young womens how did that happen?

Kenzie mixed in with her beehive class and leaders Sister Blanquie and Sister Collazo
Kenzie with one of our laurel's , Erin
Kenzie, Eliza and my mia maid, Bethany

So she is twelve years old. Wow I can't believe it. Twelve years have just flown by and now she has joined me in Young womens.
SO this is her first activity. She got to go to an activity before she joined them in class. ON the day after her birthday. We had a combined young women activity. Ice cream social. It was a lot of fun. McKenzie had a blast and is extremely excited to be part of young women's.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our crazy Sunday

So my Sundays are usually pretty relaxing. They usually consist of me and the family going to church and then coming home spending time with my family. We will usually do our family home evening on Sundays because we are all actually at home on this night. That is usually what goes on in the Colborn house on Sunday's and it is great.

However today we had to break away from that routine. It Started at church. CAli tried fasting today and ended up not feeling well because of it. I had to leave half way through my lesson to go take care of her. Thanks Jenny for taking over the lesson and Tammy for letting Cali have the goldfish. I very much appreciate it. I went to BYC and then stayed later while my oldest, Kenzie, had an interview with Bishop Keith. Wow I can't believe today was her last day in primary and that tomorrow she will be twelve. Talk about crazy. I now have a child in young womens. Anyway while i was waiting for her i was listening to the ward choir practice. And I got noticed. CAmeron Knudson made the point of asking if i could be in the choir. Sister Shurtz of course said yes and Me not being able to come up with a good excuse not to participate said sheepeshly ok. So I guess i have been recruited into the ward choir. Thanks Cameron. Actually it should be fun I think.

Anyway to further mess up my Sunday routine Cali while I was in BYC hurt her foot. I was hoping it was nothing but after a few hours she still burst into tears to put the tinest pressure on it. Yeah so we got to go to urgent care to find out she sprained her foot. Yeah she is going to be on crutches for at least a week. thank goodness though it isn't anything more serious.