Friday, November 13, 2009

My Surprise Visit

Me, my Mom and Lydia

MY Mom and Aunt Chris
So On November 13th i had a fantastic surprise. While I was running around with McKenzie and Nelson for P.E. my mom called my cell phone. The Best thing about this call is she told me that she and my sister Lydia along with her boys were in Modesto. What? I stopped running at this point. I was shocked. Apparently they took an impromtu trip down this way to get Lydia's Christmas Decorations. Anyway we made plans to get together that night.

We Met at Leatherby's in Sacramento. A family favorite spot to go to. My Aunt Chris and cousin Alison with her two girls were there as well. This was a great night for me . I was so happy to see them. I had just been thinking how much I miss my sisters and my parents and then they show up. It was a great mood lifter for me. This Little visit will get me through till Christmas when i can see them again.

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