Friday, January 30, 2009

The Broken Rule

So Tonight I was reminded not only by my husband but by Mckenzie before him that I am breaking the rules. So what is the rule that i have broken? Too many girls night out in a row. Ken a few months ago insisted that i needed to get out away from the kids more and make friends. However when i started following that advice he changed the rules. He then said i had to have one date with him for every girls night out and they were supposed to happen in between. So I am not complaining on that one. Well tonight like I said I broke the rules. LAst Night I went out with a dear friend and then tonight I ended up going to dinner with a group of friends. So now I owe my sweetheart 2 dates. Yeah I actually like these rules.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two wheeling Cali

This weekend we went out for a little family fun. The three older kids enjoyed riding their bikes while Sammy enjoyed his scooter. The most exciting thing that happened however is Cali has finally lost the training wheels. She has been begging forever to take them off, but me being the mechanical genius( ha,ha) that I am had no clue how to do that without destroying the bike so she had to wait for daddy to do it. Ken has been working with her for a little bit now. Taking them off for a little bit and then putting them back on for during the week. She was completly excited to have them off. This was the first time I had actually seen her go without them and boy was I impressed. She is doing wonderfully. Yeah that make three down and one to go to finish this milestone in the whole Colborn Clan.