Monday, March 30, 2009

Nelson's raingutter regatta

Nelson with his red boat.

Last week was Nelson's scout raingutter regatta. He was able to race his boat a few times. Unfortunately he can be extremely competitive and can get upset easily when he doesn't win so he did have to learn the lesson that we don't always get to win and it is more for the fun. I really appreciate some of the boys like Ben Sorenson who helped Nelson to realize this. When this realization came to him he truely did have fun racing and cheering his pack mates on.
The scouting program haas been wonderful for Nelson. I look forward to see how he continues to grow and progress in his life through this program.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nelson's 9

Nelson Blowing out his birthday candles
Birthday dinner of pineapple pizza and watching Ratatouille.
Nelson was lucky he got to have cupcakes in class and the cake later in the evening. he had fun passing them out.
Nelson being held captive By Mrs. Anthony, his 3rd grade teacher, while his class got to sing to him.

So I can't believe that as of March 10th Nelson is nine. It is totally crazy. He of course was completely excited. The countdown was going on weeks before his birthday. And for anyone who has been to my home knows this is not just a mental tally, no we have a big white board that keeps the countdown for all things deemed important. For instance right now it has the next countdown for Cali's birthday in 51 days. Anyway Nelson had a good birthday. His most cherished present that he wouldn't hold still with for me to get a picture with was a brand new bigger bike. Needless to say after a day of cupcakes, His favorite pizza, ice cream cake and his bike he is one very happy little boy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Three out of four of my favorite guys

I just had to share this picture of most all my favorite guys in my life. The only Guy missing would be my Dad. Ken decided to lay down and then the boys decided they needed to join him. So they wouldn't fall off the couch ken had to hold onto both of them. They were all very much enjoying being with each other. I love evenings like this and I can't help but smile at these moments.


Nelson at the newspaper tour.
Nelson's whole troop or pack.
Cali drawing the Antarctica Cinderella story at her first girl scout event.
Me and Cali at the the girl scout story book series.
Kenzie learning how to be a good babysitter. :)
Kenzie and I at the babysitting Basics Activity.

So twelve years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Kenzie I never would have thought I would be so involved with scouting. Yet here I am 12 yrs later a 6yr girl scout leader for Kenzie. Cali is now in our troop. And Nelson Is in Boy scouts. So three out of my 4 are in scouts and in a few years all 4 of them will be.

Micah's birthday

Cali,Sammy,Zoey,Micah(the birthday boy),Eli, Kenzie,Nelson

Owen and Zoey. One of my absolutely adorable nephews and my equally adorable niece.

Nelson and Cali on the bounce house.

We had the great opportunity to go to Manteca this weekend for my nephews birthday party. My Kids always have so much fun getting together with their cousins. Even if they are so much younger on my side of the family. I love being able to go and spend some time with my sisters. I also was happy to see one of my Aunt Chris and my cousin Alison there.
I have to say that I have some of the cutest nephews and nieces. I tried to get one Just of Micah by himself but he was on the constant go but he his quite a cutie as well.

Eli Parker

Cali with Owen

Kenzie with Eli



Sammy conquering the monkey bars

Sammy debating about letting Go.
Sammy on the fireman's pole.

Sammy has been wanting to get across the monkey bars for a long time. And for that long time he has insisted that I hold him while he goes across. Well I have been slowly letting my grip on him lesson(unrealized by him) as he does this. And Then the fireman's pole I was scared to let him try because I didn't want him falling. So this is what I get when I am concerned My baby doing his darndest to become independent. Sniff, Sniff.
Well he is extremely proud of his accomplishments, as he should d be. And I am proud of him. He managed the monkey bars before his siblings did. They were all in 1st grade or further before they managed them, and he hasn't even started school yet. He is funny watching come down the pole because he doesn't just slide down he walks himself down with his hands.
Next thing to conquer is the swings so I don't have to push him anymore.