Monday, March 9, 2009


Sammy conquering the monkey bars

Sammy debating about letting Go.
Sammy on the fireman's pole.

Sammy has been wanting to get across the monkey bars for a long time. And for that long time he has insisted that I hold him while he goes across. Well I have been slowly letting my grip on him lesson(unrealized by him) as he does this. And Then the fireman's pole I was scared to let him try because I didn't want him falling. So this is what I get when I am concerned My baby doing his darndest to become independent. Sniff, Sniff.
Well he is extremely proud of his accomplishments, as he should d be. And I am proud of him. He managed the monkey bars before his siblings did. They were all in 1st grade or further before they managed them, and he hasn't even started school yet. He is funny watching come down the pole because he doesn't just slide down he walks himself down with his hands.
Next thing to conquer is the swings so I don't have to push him anymore.

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