Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nelson's 9

Nelson Blowing out his birthday candles
Birthday dinner of pineapple pizza and watching Ratatouille.
Nelson was lucky he got to have cupcakes in class and the cake later in the evening. he had fun passing them out.
Nelson being held captive By Mrs. Anthony, his 3rd grade teacher, while his class got to sing to him.

So I can't believe that as of March 10th Nelson is nine. It is totally crazy. He of course was completely excited. The countdown was going on weeks before his birthday. And for anyone who has been to my home knows this is not just a mental tally, no we have a big white board that keeps the countdown for all things deemed important. For instance right now it has the next countdown for Cali's birthday in 51 days. Anyway Nelson had a good birthday. His most cherished present that he wouldn't hold still with for me to get a picture with was a brand new bigger bike. Needless to say after a day of cupcakes, His favorite pizza, ice cream cake and his bike he is one very happy little boy.

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