Monday, August 31, 2009

Rucsh Park

Cali, Nelson and Sammy on the swings.

Sammy and Emily sharing a banana split. (aren't they adorable)
Cali and Sam also sharing a banana split. ( Again aren't they adorable)
My long time Friends Brenda And Amy surrounding me.

On Saturday I had the great opportunity to go and meet some of my friends. I love being able to get together with them. I have been friends with Amy between 22 and 23 years and Brenda and I have been friends for 21 years. This was a great time. While I get see Brenda more often we had a Blast with Amy who I haven't seen in ten years.

We decided to go to the park and let our kids Play for awhile. We went to a park in Citrus Heights. It is a nice park with Lots of shade and with how hot it was that day this was a great thing. When we were all played out at the park we took our families to Leatherby's for ice cream. I love that place. Mine And Brenda's Kids shared banana splits. It was great. The two little couple pictures I got are so cute. Me And Brenda have already arranged their marriages. Now Hopefully they cooperate. (haha)

This was an absolute fantastic day.I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of school

All the kids before school starts

I can't believe he is old enough for kindergarten.

Cali at her desk in Mrs Anderson's class
Sammy and some of his class mates with Mrs Villanueva in front of their class.
Sammy Already hard at work.
Me getting ready to run to my own class.

On Monday August 17th was the first day of school. Wow what a crazy day. Mckenzie , Nelson and I started on the great adventure of home schooling. Sammy started kindergarten. Cali started second gra de and I started my English Lit. class. Everyone seemed to enjoy their classes. My stomach was in knots but other then that the day went beautifully.
Now i just need to get a good routine down to make things less stressful.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The meteor camp out

The kids apparently did not get enough of camping last month at Lake Tahoe. they have been begging and begging to camp in the backyard. So i finally relented. On August 11th there was a meteor shower so we let the kids camp out.
We set up the small tent left off the rain fly so they could see the sky and let them sleep outside. One last hurrah before school starts again. Unfortunately they didn't see any of the meteors. The important thing is they had so much fun. .

Sammy's 5th birthday

My baby turned 5yrs old on August 2nd. I can't believe it. It is absolutely crazy how fast time flies.
We had a birthday party for him on the 8th. His first ever. He was so happy. His friends Jimmy Keith and Daniel Knudson came over for some fun. They each got their own super hero cape. They got to play pin the tail on the donkey. have fun with the pinata. And the super heros got to catch the supervillians that stole something special of Sammy's. They had a lot of fun catching and tying up the villans. After the fun of the games they enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Happy birthday Sammy. We love you.

Kenzie's no bake cookies

Kenzie mixing the ingredients together.
Kenzie spooning them out of the pan.
The final product.

Kenzie woke up one morning wanting to make cookies. So she looked to see what ingredients we had and all she found was the ingredients to make no bake cookies. So i let her. I supervised just for the fact that she has never made them by herself before but she did them all.
They turned out really good and everyone enjoyed them. I am really loving that she is wanting to cook more. Now I just need to teach her more.

A day of fun!

I love when my kids play well together. It really is the best. On this particular day the kids had a couple of games going. The first was They decided to play dress up not only with themselves but they had to dress up my poor dog as well. Amazingly she behaved very well. Second they were playing like they owned and operated a restraunt. McKenzie showed them the menu. Today special was grilled cheese sandwiches. She made the lunches with chocolate milk to drink, served them and they ate outside.
These are definately days to cherish.

Our Last evening in Tahoe

My parents, sisters their husbands and families and my family.

The last evening we were in Tahoe we got together for some impromtu family pictures. They turned out really well. For the most part all kids were cooperative. My Family didn't make it for all the pictures that were taken because they went up by Angora lake. I had never been up there but needless to say i won't be back. I had a bit of a panic attack seeing the heights and had to leave. But Besides that the day was wonderful.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Last Day at the beach

Ken and I trying to get warm after swimming in the lake.

Ken and the girls on the Kayak.
Cali with her new friend my cousin Chelsea
TJ and Little Zoey
Sammy after eating an oreo
Ken, Cali, and Nelson enjoying the lake.

Saturday was the last day at the lake so we made as much use of it as we could. Because Ken and I do the every other thing going to Tahoe with my family so we can do our own thing as well or do something with Ken's family , it will be two more years before we come back. We love coming to the lake. It is so much fun. Tahoe has been a huge part of mine and Ken's lives and I am thrilled that our kids love it as well. No one wanted to get out of the water on this day knowing it would be the last time in a while. Even Nelson and Sammy stayed in the water for as long as possible.