Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lake tahoe day 1

Swimmer Sammy
Monkey Mckenzie
Cooking hot dogs around the fire.

Ken grew up in Tahoe and for as long as I can remember I have been going to Lake Tahoe with my family. First as a little girl with my sisters and parents meeting up with grandparents aunts, uncles and cousins. Talk about a ton of fun. Now me and all the cousins are growing up and having children of our own. Needless to say our family is getting huge but it is still a ton a fun. Now I get to continue this wonderful tradition with my own family and Ken gets to share his Love for the Lake Tahoe area and our children love it. I do find it interesting or funny that all those years ago Ken and i were in Tahoe at the same time and not to far away from each other only to find each other years later.

So I got to come home from girls camp rewash and repack everything for this week. We got there on Monday the 20th. Everyone had fun getting the camp set up this year. We also had the opportunity to go the beach. Also this first night we had the opportunity if you can call it that of hearing the bear getting into the garbage can next to our camp which is not that uncommon. However this is the first year in all the years I have been coming that I have actually seen the cinnamon colored bear. She was a big bear. And Seeing her up close I now realize why the camp has named her cinnamon. Talk About scary but I am very glad she stayed out of our camp. we obviously had everything put away good. So the funny thing about this I usually don't sleep well the first night we go camping because of the whole bear thing on this night however after I saw the bear I actually slept better then i ever have at Tahoe. Talk about weird you would think after seeing her that I wouldn't sleep at all. Let the fun begin. Let the exhaustion begin as well.


OLIVIA said...

Thank goodness the bear sighting was harmless! We love to go to Lake Tahoe but never know where to go on the lake. Next time we head up there we'll check with you two for some recommendations!

Laura Keith said...

I love all of your Lake Tahoe pics! What a great blogger you are!