Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tahoe Day 3 (Fallen Leaf Lake)

Part of The Larson Family sitting on the beach of Fallen Leaf Lake.
Sammy loved the butterflies
Christie, Jessica, and Mckenzie enjoying the water.
Cali Jumping in and Sammy enjoying the sun.
MY uncle Monty And aunts Ruth and Karen enjoying the floating dock.
TJ Helping Sammy.
Apple, Blueberry, and Cherry cobbler. Yum!!!

Today Unfortunately nelson woke up sick. So Ken Stayed back at the camp while the rest of the kids and myself went with the rest of my family to Fallen leaf lake to play for the day. It was a lot of fun. the water was a bit colder then Tahoe itself is but that was ok.

When we got home we got to have Ken's Yummy dutch oven Chicken and he made enough cobbler for just about everyone in the family reunion. Personally I Love Kens cooking and these particular foods are some of our favorites.

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OLIVIA said...

I've heard of Fallen Leaf Lake. We'll have to check that out!