Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our Last Day at the beach

Ken and I trying to get warm after swimming in the lake.

Ken and the girls on the Kayak.
Cali with her new friend my cousin Chelsea
TJ and Little Zoey
Sammy after eating an oreo
Ken, Cali, and Nelson enjoying the lake.

Saturday was the last day at the lake so we made as much use of it as we could. Because Ken and I do the every other thing going to Tahoe with my family so we can do our own thing as well or do something with Ken's family , it will be two more years before we come back. We love coming to the lake. It is so much fun. Tahoe has been a huge part of mine and Ken's lives and I am thrilled that our kids love it as well. No one wanted to get out of the water on this day knowing it would be the last time in a while. Even Nelson and Sammy stayed in the water for as long as possible.

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