Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emerald Bay

Over view of Emerald Bay and the island with the tea house.
The Living room inside of Vikings Holm.

Vikings Holm Kitchen
Lady clock in Vikings Holm.
The family in front of Vikings Holm.

This is the first year in years since i had the opportunity to go down to Emerald Bay. Honestly I don't think I Have done the hike down there since I was about McKenzie's age. I have been on a couple of boats going into the bay but this is a totally different experience. Ken and i have been waiting for the kids to be big enough to make the hike because we didn't want to carry them. It is a mile hike and going down isn't to bad it is the coming back up. It is a pretty steep mile but well worth it.
We went with all of my sisters and their kids. It was a lot of fun. When we got down to the bottom of the hike we got tickets and went on the tour of the Vikings Holm. This a beautiful home that was built in 1929 by Laura J. Knight. She had the home specifically built to look the homes in Norway and hence the name Vikings Holm. I love this place it is gorgeous. And everything in the pictures are original pieces from when the house was built. It was a fantastic tour and I even think the kids enjoyed it. After the tour we went and played on the beach for a little while.
When we left I did appreciate a lot more having bigger kids that mile back up is a lot harder when carrying someone. Sammy did want to get carried but we refused. It wasn't till he saw his little cousin who just turned 2 in May walking up on her own because she didn't want be carried. It was funny when i pointed this out how Sammy' complaining stopped immediately and he got a new vigor in his step determined not to let the little, tiny 2 year old beat him up the hill. Needless to say he made it just great.

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tammy said...

Vikingsholm is my dream house!!! I love Selma...the clock!!!Someday maybe!!!