Friday, March 26, 2010

The flour fight

Eliza rolling out cookies
Kenzie Cutting cookies

Ok so this afternoon i was making cookies for a New moon viewing party tonight. This were going great at least for a little bit. I was getting cookies made when Eliza and mckenzie stepped in to help. And the did a wonderful job rolling the dough and cutting it for me until bot Kenzie and eliza touched Kenzie's face with flour all over there hands. And so started the fight. Nelson decidedhe wanted to get Kenzie a little, all right a lot more covered in flour. He then got a handful and threw it at her. She in turn threw some on me. Sammy decided he needed to get involved as well but he wasn't as badly scathed. Actually Eliza managed to stay pretty clean as well until I insisted she had to get some on her as well. Nelson liked that idea as well so instead of being happy with the little bit i got on her he went for a full force of it. Ad of course itended up all over the floor and the carpet.
Cali was still at school when all this was going on which is why she isn't in any of these pictures.
It was fun while it lasted but I am glad that doesn't happen every time I bake.
I have to say it is never a dul lmoment at my house. Which is ok with me. I like a little chaos. It makes life interesting.
The cookies turned out great.At least I think so. They are in the shape of dog bones. :)

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Gilbert Family said...

Hi Freya,

This is Rachel Merideth's sister, Laura. I was friends with your sister Lydia back in the day and was wondering if she has a blog herself? If not, tell her I said hello!

Your blog is great!