Friday, March 26, 2010

Renaissance Fair

Fencing demonstration
Getting ready to fire the cannon
Knight jousting

Kenzie making a headband
Cali Making a headband
Sammy playing a huge game of jenga
Cali playing a huge game of jenga
Cali spinning alpaca wool
Sammy spinning alpaca wool
Cali and Sammy learning about a french catapolt
Nelson making chain mail
Sammy making butter
Sammy pully the sword out of the hay.

Cali getting Knighted.

Knighted Sammy

Nelson getting Knighted .
Kenzie getting Knighted

Knighted Kenzie. Watch out she has a sword.

Last week I pulled Cali and Sammy out of school and to go with me, McKenzie and Nelson to a Renaissance fair that Kenzie and Nelson's school put on. They all had a ton of fun. The all had fun making shields and leather bracelets. Nelson had a blast making chain mail. They made butter and the girls made headbands. Just name a few things. They all had a blast getting knighted.
It was also very fun to watch some of the different demonstrations that were performed such as jousting and Fencing. Nelson especially loved watching the cannon being fired.

All in all it was a fun field trip but exhausting. I was ready to drop when we got home that evening.

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