Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Eagle Falls trail

I Love this family.
Me and My beautiful daughters with Eagle lake behind us.
Isn't that a gorgeous view. Emerald Bay isn't to bad either. :)

"I'm queen of the world."
The Boys crawling under the same rock Kenzie is on top of.
Me and Ken with emerald bay in the Distance.

Eagle Lake
Eagle falls

Something that I love about my husband, all my kiddos and me is we love to be outside. My kiddos are finally old and big enough that we can enjoy some of the better hikes in Tahoe when we go. This year we went to Someplace none of us have been before which is amazing considering Ken lived just a short distance from there when he was younger and I have been coming to Tahoe with my family for longer then i can remember so needless to say this was a great day to make a brand new memory for all of us this year. This year instead of going DOWN to Emerald Bay we went UP to Eagle lake. This trail was gorgeous. Even I with my fear of heights could admit that the view is pretty. As long as i didn't get to close to the edge and Look down i was ok.
The trail went up past the falls and ended at Eagle lake which is a gorgeous, little lake. The kids are already planning next time we go that they wear their swimsuits so they can get more then their feet wet. I don't know about that but I guess we will see.
The Dead trees i thought were cool looking so I took pictures of them to share with everyone else.
I am looking forward to be able to come back and spend the day here again another year.

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