Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve 2010

My Family- My parents, sisters their husbands and kids and of course my kiddos and wonderful husband and I

Christmas eve this year was absolutely wonderful. I was so excited to have my family come here for Christmas eve dinner and just to spend the day. It has been quite awhile since all of of have been in one place i want to say a couple of years, I have seen everyone at one point or another throughout the year but it just isn't the same as all of us being together. My aunt Chris is missing from the Picture but I am very happy she was able to make it as well. It was fun not having to go anywhere and having everyone come to us that normally does not happen. I have to say it was crazy and for anyone who been at my house you know that there is not a ton of space but nonetheless it was great. Having 8 kids running around the and making as much noise as possible and all the different conversations that were going on it truly was a mad house. We had a delicious dinner and played games and just enjoyed being with each other. I honestly have to say that the greatest Christmas Present I have received or will receive this year is definitely being able to have my whole family all in one place. I truly Love my family and consider myself very blessed that we are in each others lives.

As everyone was leaving to head back to there various destinations we had the missionaries over. Now that was fun. My kids, in particular the boys, loved having them here. After they ate. The Elders played nerf dart tag with the boys and played with Sammy on his star wars game. We at one point had an all out war here with nerf darts flying every where it was crazy but fun.

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