Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kenzie's texting

So on Wednesday evening the young women had a sleepover. At this sleepover that I was lucky to be part of McKenzie was teasing Bethany about texting to much and Bethany was teasing McKenzie about talking to much. Now anyone who know either of these girls knows this is entirely a true thing. The teasing that was going on was just that teasing they weren't being mean just having a little fun. Anyway so a little competition was formulated. Kenzie wasn't supposed to talk fro half an hour and Bethany wasn't supposed to text for half an hour. Now while that doesn't seem like that big of a deal for these two girls it is. Within the first 15 minutes I thought Kenzie was going to go crazy without being able to talk. It was rather funny to watch. Anyway when the timer went up totally expected her to start talking instead she looked at Bethany and kept her mouth closed. And Bethany being the competitive person she is was not about to let McKenzie win. So for and hour longer no sound came from Kenzie's mouth and no texting was done at least not by Bethany. Kenzie who does not have a phone of her own has never really done the texting thing. so she started to play with Bethany's phone with Bethany watching her of course. It took her a few minutes to figure out how to find me on Bethany's contact list and another few to figure out how to actually send the text from her phone but really in no time at all Kenzie was texting like a pro. Ugh I am in trouble when I actually get the girl a phone. Now she can talk without uttering a sound. This should be fun.
Anyway the competition ended with Kenzie breaking first. And boy was she not happy. She answered a question someone asked without even thinking about or realizing that she did it until both Bethany and I pointed it out to her.
It was a great evening but now I know when i do get her a phone to make sure she has a good texting plan.
Yea for teenagers!! :)

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