Thursday, June 11, 2009

The kids jumping for joy to be done with school.
Mrs.Anthony trying to embarrass Nelson Because he was being a little stinker.
He finally smiles (sort of).
Aren't these shirts cute!
Macie , Mrs. Clavelle and Cali.
Cali enjoying her snow cone.

Today was the last day of school for a few months. This year has been a wonderful year with wonderful teachers. Mckenzie did well in 6th grade and i am very proud of her. Nelson while he struggled I am proud of him as well. He had perfect attendance this year and that is not an easy task to accomplish especially when everyone else in the house is getting sick. Cali also did well this year and really enjoyed school. Cali and Nelson were able to enjoy snow cones there last day of school.
This year while it had it's difficulties I have been very happy with my kids teachers this year. Thank you to all the good teachers out there.

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Knudson said...

Way cute entry Freyja!!! Love the jumping kids! I did that myself!! Love the pic of stacy kissing nelson! she's great! We got lucky this year! Thanks again from the bottome of my heart for all YOU did for me! i love you tons! Have a fun weekend! Bec