Monday, February 16, 2009

Snow Day

SNOW BALL FIGHT!!! Crazy Kenzie Decided to make her first snowball without gloves . She quickly relized why we insisted on gloves.

Sammy tried the lack of gloves also and ended up crying because his hands hurt. He also realized the importance of gloves.

Our Valentine's Day was spent together as a family. Ken and I had our Valentine's with our trip last week. Anyway the kids have been begging us for a long time to take them to the snow. They had not actually been before. (I Know shame on us) Ken wanted to try to take us up near where the boy scouts went however when the car started to slide a little we were able to turn around and go somewhere a little less slick. We ended up at a Place called Bullard's Bar. It didn't have quite as much snow as futher up but it had enough for everyone to have a blast. The kids loved being able to do a little sleding. They loved being able to have a snowball fight and there was actually enough snow to build a snowman. They loved it. And I had so much fun watching them. I definantly smell a new tradition coming on. After a couple of hours of fun in the snow we headed home. All of us had big cups of Hot Chocolate And enjoyed hot showers/baths to help us warm up.

LAter that night ken and I fixed a nice dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening once the kids were in bed(and they aley zonked out pretty quickly)


tammy said...

I cna't beleive how big the kids are getting!!! Man I miss them!!!

2KT Faupula girls said...

I guess we will be the only family that hasn't made it up to the snow this year. Our kids have never seen snow yet, so hopefully we will get to do it before the snow melts away! Glad you guys had a blast!