Monday, May 18, 2009

Cali's 7th birthday

Happy birthday, CALI!!!

Everyone enjoying the cake.
Daniel and Samuel enjoying the cake.
Trevor,Braden, and Rebecca enjoying their ice cream cake.

Wow Cali turned 7years old a week ago. I can't believe it. It is totally crazy how fast time flies. We didn't do a major birthday party for her. I took cupcakes in for her class and we did a spur of the moment party. We invited the Knudson family over for pizza and cake and ice cream. It was a lot of fun. I love this family and with one of Cali's best friends being part of it it made a lot of sense to invite them over. Cali was of course thrilled about having them over. So thanks guys for helping to make her day. Also thanks to everyone who called her she got a huge kick out of it.
I have decided that i totally need to have a get together again. I have decided also that sometimes the spur of the moment things work so much better and they are absolutely less stressful.

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Knudson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALI!! we love you guys thanks for having us over!! Good friends, and yummy food! I love how you make your pizza crust!!