Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sammy carving his pumpkin
His finished one eyed alien
Nelson carving
His scarred alien
Cali carving
Her and her princess pumpkin
Ken hard at work
His space invader
you can tell she is really concentrating by where her tonge is
Her howling wolf

Sammy as spiderman
Nelson as the leader of the storm troopers (rex)
Cali as the beautiful bride
Kenzie as the scary ghost

Today was a fantastic day. I always love being able to spend time with my family. And the days when we have fun together make our days together all the better.

Everyone had fun carving their pumpkins today and putting their ideas into action. This evening everyone had fun dressing up and doing some trick or treating. Even Ken and I dressed up. Ken wore the cape i made for him a year or two ago and went as a jedi again this year and I went as a pink lady. This has been a very fun Halloween.

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