Sunday, December 28, 2008

My girls fish

All my kids have been begging for a long time now to get a fish tank, fish included, in each of their own rooms. Mine and Ken's rule for the past year has been they have to keep their room clean for a month for this to happen. Well they have all made several starts and then they miss a day and it starts all over again back to day one. McKenzie and Cali have finally decided that they really want the fish and the countdown began again just over a month ago. Were Ken and I ever surprised that they actually made it through a month with a clean room. So we had to follow through with our part of the bargan. A day or two after Christmas we went to the pet store and bought 9 goldfish knowing that some would die. Of Course we didn't know that within 2 days 4 of the nine would die off so now we are down to five but that is ok. The Girls are extremely excited and the boys are jealous, we are hoping this will get them in the habit of cleaning their room as well.


tammy said...

Good job girls!!! Can you clean my room for a month too!!!

Knudson said...

WOW Girls you did it! way to go! i think you should name one sprakle for your clean room!